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Stanford Professor Quits Job To Start Free Online University

Sebastian Thrun had a nice gig. As Research Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and a Google Fellow, Thrun led the development of the Google self-driving car. But, Thrum just stepped down from Stanford to go start his own show. Udacity is a free online university with a mission to “change the future of education”. The class currently being …

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DLD Conference: X-Prize Visions For the Future

Dr. Peter Diamindis is the Founder and Chairman of the X Prize Foundation, an educational non-profit prize institute whose mission is to create radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. He spoke to the Digital Life Design conference in Munich about his organization’s vision for the future. The X Prize Foundation offers prizes that are intended to spawn competition among …

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DLD Conference: Duran Duran Launches Online Project

The Digital Life Design conference has been rolling along in Munich for the past three days (Jan 22-24). Dozens of events, speakers and symposiums came together to offer a peek into the state of technology and the arc it will take in the months to come. One project announced and discussed that the conference was that of pop mainstays Duran …

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Wikipedia Founder Talks SOPA, Receives Funding

Wikipedia made bank this morning when the foundation received $1 million on stage during the Digital Life Design conference. This morning on the DLD stage, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales began a talk with VKontakte, the Russian Facebook, founder Pavel Durov. The talk was centered around SOPA, other legislation and the Wikipedia blackout from last week. Durov began the conference, however, …

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