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Dislike Button Still Isn’t Happening, but Zuckerberg Is Open to Buttons for ‘Broader Range of Emotions’

As we’ve touched on before, you’re never going to get a true ‘dislike’ button. There are a lot of reasons why you’re never going to get one, despite much of the Facebook-using public clamoring for one for quite some time. For one, you have to realize that the ‘like’ button is not there for you. It wasn’t made for you. …

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Facebook Dislike Button ‘Came Up a Lot’, but Nixed from the Get-Go

The Facebook ‘Dislike’ button is a sort of social media unicorn for some users. It’s never existed, it’s never going to exist, yet there are still people out there clamoring for it. Not only that, but plenty of those users routinely fall into traps involving ‘dislike button’ hoaxes. It’s not as much of an issue as it was, oh let’s …

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Facebook Lets You Use Stickers In Comments (Let The Disliking Commence)

The moment you’ve been waiting for (or perhaps not) is here. You can now use Facebook stickers in comments. Until now, the feature has only been available in private messages, but now, you can expect to see stickers all over the social network, for better or for worse. Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin announced the news in a Facebook post (via …

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Facebook ‘Dislike’ Button Now A Reality (Kind Of)

Facebook users have long begged for a dislike button, because honestly, there’s a whole lot of content to dislike in the News Feed. Facebook has always resisted, however, opting not to spread negativity throughout the world’s largest social network. Well, they’re letting in a little bit of negativity now. No, they haven’t given users a proper like button, but they’ve …

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Facebook Engineer Talks Android App, Dislike Button, and More in Reddit AMA

Reddit AMAs are fascinating in general, but when a Facebook product engineer submits to the free-form Q&A session, it’s right up our alley. Facebook product engineer Bob Baldwin, who has worked on products like Groups, Events, Photos, and more, took some time to answer some questions yesterday. In that time, he discussed a wide range of Facebook-related topics including Android, …

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