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Xbox One Disc Drive Issues Not Affecting A Lot Of Users, Says Microsoft

On November 22, the Xbox One launched across 13 markets and sold more than one million units in a day. In short, it was a good day at Microsoft. That good day did have a small blemish on it, however, thanks to a small number of defective units. On Friday, reports started to emerge that some Xbox One units had …

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Online Video Captures Assad Man Defecting

Abdo Husameddine, Syria’s Deputy Oil Minister, announced his defection in an online video. Husameddine is the highest ranking official to leave President Bashar Assad’s regime since the country’s uprising last year. The Deputy Oil Minister explained he was defecting due to the brutal crackdown on dissent which has claimed thousands of Syrians’ lives in the past year. Husameddine identified himself …

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