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Does Your Internet Seem Slower Today? It Might Be Due To A Massive Cyberattack

The most popular form of cyberattack anymore is the Distributed Denial of Service attack. These DDoS attacks rarely affect anyone outside of those attempting to access the attacked Web site, but a recent DDoS attack is proving to have widespread effects. The BBC reports that Spamhaus, an anti-spam outfit, and Cyberbunker, a Web host that will host anything including spam …

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WikiLeaks Back Up After Nine Days Of Sustained DDoS Attack

WikiLeaks was in a bad place for a while. They were under a sustained DDoS attack that had lasted for nine days. It seems that the worst of it is now over as WikiLeaks is back up after making some improvements. On the official WikiLeaks Twitter account, the group announced that they were back up thanks to increased capacity installations: …

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WikiLeaks Has Been Down For Nine Days Following Massive DDoS Attack

WikiLeaks is no stranger to being brought down by DDoS attacks. The Web site has been attacked multiple times, usually after a major leak. This past week has been a little difference because the Web site and all its mirrors have been down for nine days. What did they leak this time that caused such an uproar and who’s behind …

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Anonymous Takes Down KKK Web Sites In #OpBlitzkrieg

Anonymous has a plethora of Friday activities where the collective takes down a Web site associated with a particular group of people. They’ve been targeting the FBI and those associated with the agency for a while now. You may feel that those attacks were not deserved, but I think everybody can get behind this week’s target. Anonymous, as part of …

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WikiLeaks Is Also Taken Down By DDoS Attack

The Pirate Bay was not the only one feeling the brute force of a massive DDoS attack yesterday. WikiLeaks was also being attacked, and unlike The Pirate Bay, nobody has come forward claiming responsibility yet. We were first alerted to the WikiLeaks takedown by the organization themselves. They tweeted out the details yesterday with two separate mirrors to their domain. …

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The Pirate Bay DDoS Attack Credited To Former Anonymous Member

Well, The Pirate Bay is back up. There still seems to be a few spotty points around the world according to Anonymous, but all in all, it’s back in good shape. Now, who was the person behind the attack and why did they do it? One person has come forward claiming responsibility. Twitter user @AnonNyre started Tweeting 19 hours ago …

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