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Google Takeout Adds Blogger, Google+ Pages

Google announced the other day that it has added Blogger and Google+ Pages to Google Takeout, meaning that users can more easily export their data out of these services if they would like to leave. Kári Ragnarsson from Google’s The Data Liberation Front wrote on the Data Liberation Front blog: Meet us at https://www.google.com/takeout, and together we will export each …

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Google Adds Features To Google Takeout

Google announced the addition of a couple features to its Google Takeout offering, which allows users to get their data out of Google’s various products. Now, users can maintain their original folder hierarchy when exporting files from Google Drive. “Gone are the days of looking at the contents of your zip file and wondering which “secret_plans” file is which,” says …

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Google Adds Reader, Latitude To Google Takeout

Google announced today that it has added a couple more products to the Google Takeout menu: Latitude and Reader. “We’re always working to improve our tools and make it easier for users to control and access their data,” Kári Ragnarsson writes on Google’s Data Liberation Front blog. “Today we are happy to add support for two new services in Google …

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Google Lets You Download All Your YouTube Videos Together

Google has just made it a hell of a lot easier to get all of your videos off of YouTube, should you choose to do so. In the past, users have been able to download individual videos using the Video Manager, but now Google is letting you grab your whole collection at once with Google Takeout. Google Takeout was launched …

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