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RIM Not Worth Buying or Splitting Up, Says Analyst RIM Not Worth Buying or Splitting Up, Says Analyst
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Although RIM impressed investors by not losing quite as much money this past quarter as was predicted, the company is still hemorrhaging its U.S. smartphone market share to Apple and Google and losing money. The company is banking its fortunes …

YouTube Has More Expenses Than Revenue

First, the good news. YouTube is the most popular video site on the Internet. They’ill make $240 million in revenue. They just signed a deal with Disney to help bring in that money.

Credit Suisse Puts Google Near $900

Google’s stock chart shows a drastic plunge taking place between November 7th and November 12th, but things have since leveled off, and Credit Suisse isn’t worried.  An analyst at the firm has actually suggested that Google might hit $900 per share in the next year.

E-Commerce Is A Charging Bull

Bull or bear, e-commerce is on the up and up and up. From just the ad spending to the total spend, money spent online is growing exponentially as broadband access becomes cheaper and more available.