Credibility and Affiliate Sites

Credibility and Affiliate Sites

By Aaron Wall December 14, 2007

Many Thin Affiliate Sites Look Real

Some of my friends publish fake review sites which organize product recommendations by using the following quality measurement and rating system (affiliate payout per conversion * conversion rate). If people buy it, it must be good. ;)

I have other friends who do real in-depth reviews, but they use such poor formatting that their content looks less trustworthy and more advertisement-like than fake review websites.

The Strange Case Of Lance Dutson

A Maine-based blogger has been sued for copyright infringement, defamation, and libel for posting complaints about a Maine tourism campaign.

Personal Blogging Clarified

Visiting the blog of Amazon.com’s Chief Technology Officer, Werner Vogels, to read his account of a presentation at Amazon by Naked Conversations authors Shel Israel and Robert Scoble (some very interesting commentaries about that – link at Memeorandum), I spotted the clearest employee blog disclaimer I’ve yet seen.

Credibility Isnt Equal to Authority

Who’s to be believed about the 60% Windows Vista code rewrite story which has been a lively discussion topic in a number of blogs during the past few days?

Forbes Continues Its Blog Credibility Issues
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Forbes magazine has long been seen as a major player in covering the world of business and finance. Their reporting is generally credible with excellent insight. Blogging as a communications tool continues to grow in the business world but for some reason, Forbes just can’t seem to get it right.

Beyond Web Usability: Web Credibility

Web usability: It’s old news. If you’ve been developing websites on Mars for the past few years then you’ll be forgiven for not knowing about web usability.

The Rise of Individual Credibility

A challenging assessment of the differences between executive blogging and business blogging and which are best blogs …

Balancing Blogs’ Credibility

In yesterday’s “For Immediate Release,” I noted that Joseph Edward Duncan had maintained a blog. Duncan, in case you’re not following the story, was found in a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho restaurant with a young girl who, along with her brother, had been missing for about six weeks following the disocvery of the bludgeoned bodies ofher mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and an older brother.

52 Words And Phrases That Weaken Your Credibility

Whether you are writing or speaking, here are 52 words that weaken your credibility that you probably don’t even realize you are using:

How to Measure a Blogger’s Credibility

Every time I give a talk on blogging the question comes up – how do you assess the credibility of a blogger and what he/she is writing.

Web Credibility 101: Execs Shouldn’t Hide Their Identities

…and call center employees shouldn’t supervise ad campaigns. Since this company just contacted me by accident trying to reach either Google or Overture, now I get to trash their website.

Blogging, Journalism and Credibility Webcast

Jon Dube points to a group of bloggers and journalists who are gathering at Harvard on Jan. 21 and 22 for a conference …

Writing Articles to Gain Link Popularity and Increase Trust and Credibility

As I look through my various forum links and review some of my company email, I keep coming across questions relating to generating inbound links to increase web site ranking.

Five Credibility Boosting Elements for Web Sites

Who are you, really? And why should I trust you? Without face-to-face contact or a trusted intermediary who has vouched for you, visitors to your web site often have these two questions paramount in their minds when considering doing business with you. Use these five elements to boost your perceived trustworthiness and coax possible customers to step forward and buy.

Incredibly Bad Articles Will Kill Your Credibility

Anyone may use this article free of charge, provided the article is not altered and the resource box remains intact.

Visibility, Credibility and Position Through Articles and Celebrity Testimonials

A huge problem for many people who are working on market visibility and position is the amount of competition vying for the same market.

Branding To Sell
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The Take Away

Brands which are credibility-based sell products and services. They also have brand value, or ROI. The key is a Credibility Based Logo Designsm as the cornerstone of an integrated brand promotion system. The result is marketing communication which is planned to add credibility to the brand image. This is long term credibility-based integrated brand promotion. Credibility branding is a prudent investment for better selling and as an accrued financial return on marketing expenditure. Remember this: Credibility branding sells and has value.