CPM Rate Contraction on the Way?

CPM Rate Contraction on the Way?

By Aaron Wall January 18, 2008
Carl Fremont of Digitas thinks their might be online CPM rate contraction in 2008.

I’ve Had It With Google Conspiracy Theories

Okay people, enough is enough.  I can’t go through a day anymore without reading some article or other about how Google has been seduced by the power of the dark side.  It’s debunking time. 

AdWords Introduces Preferred Cost Bidding

AdWords introduced a new bidding option called "preferred cost bidding," an alternative to setting a maximum cost-per-click (CPC). In essence, for the advertiser with less time and/or fewer resources, the option puts AdWords management on Google’s shoulders.

Presidential Hopefuls, Meet Retargeting

If they want to reach the right person with the right message at the right time, 2008 presidential candidates should consider site behavioral retargeting. Think of it as continuous online rehandshaking.

Google Acquiring Video Game Ad Company

Google has agreed to acquire Adscape, a company that puts ads inside of video games, for $23 million. Google had missed out on Massive, a company Microsoft picked up for $200-400 million about a year ago, and is going to have to settle for the much smaller Adscape, which it will have to build into a bigger player. Judging by Google’s great success with dMarc, I’d assume nothing at this point.

Google’s Secret Network

Darren Rowse points to a post by John Chow that reveals details of an ad network that Google uses for Fortune 1000 companies.

Google Plays Mythbusters With AdSense

Site publishers with questions about how CPC and CPM advertising work will benefit from Google’s clarifications on the two ad formats.

Google Not Toying With Homepage Ads

A site in Belarus looks like the Google homepage displaying advertising in Belarusian, but the site is not owned by Google.

Google Box May See CPM Ads

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may feature an entrant in the new gadget arena with a big G on the side of the box; we’re guessing CPM ads will be a feature in the Google Box too.

Google Site Targeting Drops To $0.25 CPM

Apparently, CPM rates aren’t what they used to be, especially on crap sites. To recap: Google came out with the new Site Targeting content targeting option, allowing advertisers to show ads on specific sites.

Google Introduces Significant Enhancements To AdWords

Search engine-based PPC advertising is probably the hottest technique of advertising in the marketing available, largely because it is the most employed method on the Internet. With an estimated 40% of online advertising revenue being spent on search engine ad, the numbers bear this out.

Google Adopts CPM for Content

In the coming weeks, Google will be rolling out a significant change to the content targeting side of its AdWords program. These changes do not affect “search” ads on Google and other search network partners.