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Companies Collaborate to Define Clicks
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Interactive Advertising BureauThe Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced the release of Click Measurement Guidelines, a document establishing parameters for buying and selling cost-per-click (CPC) adver

Could CPA Overtake CPC?

That is the question that Aaron Goldman discusses in his most recent post at Search Insider. Aaron provides some sound thinking as to why CPA could overtake CPC in the future as the preferred way in which to purchase paid search.

CPC Rates Climbed in 2005
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New MarketingSherpa report shows average cost-per-clicks rose in 2005.

Price Per Click Up 25% Last Year
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Marketing Sherpa released a report that showed the average cost-per-click rose 24.8% in 2005, from $1.29 to $1.61 on Google AdWords.