Copyright Infringement Articles

Music Publishers Sue Websites Over Lyrics

National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) members have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against two businesses for publishing unlicensed lyrics on four websites.

Peermusic, Warner/Chappell and Bug Music filed an action against LiveUniverse, and its owner Brad Greenspan, co-founder of MySpace, in the Federal Court of the Central District of California for willful copyright infringement on a vast scale.

MPAA Sues Two Movie Sites
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The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), acting on behalf of the major studios, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles against Fombd.com and Movierumor.com for alleged copyright infringement.

The MPAA says the sites contribute to and profit from copyright infringement by identifying, posting, and indexing links to infringing content on the Internet allowing people to then view on-demand.

Viacom Checked In Google, YouTube Lawsuit

Whatever Viacom might win in its court battle against YouTube and Google over alleged copyright infringing content, it won’t include punitive damages.

Vivid Entertainment Sues Adult Site
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Producer of adult films Vivid Entertainment Group has filed a lawsuit in Los Angles federal court against X-rated site PornoTube and its parent, Data Conversions, which does business as AEBN Inc.

Does Open License Mean Open Season?

The unattributed verbatim appearance of a Wikipedia article in a book from a major publisher sparked accusations of plagiarism, and raises more serious issues of ethics as well as the perils of publishing under open licenses.

Google, Hollywood Need To Figure Out Video
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Google isn’t the only company that has to determine the best way to protect copyrighted video; the movie and TV studios have to come to grips with a way to let people share content, or forever kill the ability to monetize it online.

More Support Class Action Against YouTube

More bad news for YouTube/Google, the Football Association Premier League (Premier League) and Bourne Co. (Bourne) said today that more parties are joining the fight for content protection against YouTube/ Google citing wide scale copyright infringement.

Brett Batters Vexatious Balls, Video Not On YouTube
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A trademark infringement court case involving court-labeled "vexatious litigant" Leo Stoller against baseball great George Brett took a humorous twist when the judge linked to a copyright infringing video on YouTube in his written opinion.

More Parties Join Class Action Against YouTube

Three new parties are joining in the class action copyright infringement claims against YouTube and Google that were initiated by The Football Association Premier League and independent music publisher Bourne Co.