World Cup Was the Biggest Thing on Facebook in 2014

World Cup Was the Biggest Thing on Facebook in 2014

By Josh Wolford December 9, 2014

It’s that time of the year again – the time for year-in-review updates. Facebook is early to the party, and has already announced the most-discussed topics of the year. With its massive global reach, it should come as no surprise …

Off to Speak at SES Chicago

Brrr!  I am off to Chicago in the morning to speak at SES. Temperatures below freezing and snow already on the ground.  For a little African lizard like me used to blazing heat it’s way too cold.  I bought myself some thermal underwear and pulled out my down parka and off I go.

Recommended Online Marketing & PR Reading List

At ad:tech last week, fellow PR/new media marketing practitioner and blogger, Rohit Bhargava and I were talking about his new book, “Personality Not Included – Why Brands Lose Their Authenticity and How Great Companies Get it Back”, and he mentioned that I should send him a list of recommended reading for a new bookstore feature he’s adding to his blog.

Who Will Manage The Online Ad Conversation?

The debut of Facebook’s Social Ads builds upon the path of “pull” advertising being walked in social media. It presents a challenge to the brands, marketers, and agencies who manage the advertising message.

Ad:Tech – BuzzLogic Launches Conversation Ad Targeting

It seems that BuzzLogic has found another use for all of the conversation mining and sentiment analysis it conducts in the blogosphere.

Dell’s Bold New Step Into the Conversation

Dell Inc. embraced social media in a big way with the launch of Direct2Dell, its customer focused blog. Greeted originally with catcalls by many observers, the blog—under the guidance of Lionel Menchaca and other members of Dell’s communications and customer service team—has been a cornerstone in the computer maker’s reputational turnaround success story.

Conversation with Sun`s ZFS Inventors

Smart dudes. 45 minutes. Talking about Sun Microsystems’ ZFS. File storage system that’s used on a ton of datacenter computers and is rumored to be used in a future version of OSX.

SES – TopRank Day 1 Wrap Up
If you see these smiling faces at SES, be sure to say hello!

Truveo Finds Its Video Destination

Until today, AOL’s December 2005 acquisition of video search startup Truveo has been a white-label technology behind the video capabilities of many of the Web’s biggest sites. With its relaunch as a destination portal, Truveo became the top contender for best video search site in the world.

The Best of SMX

Don’t have time to read our extensive SMX Advanced coverage? We still want you to be able to get something out of the conference, so here’s the best of SMX Advanced, from tips to soundbites and everything in between.

SMX: Satya Nadella Keynote Conversation

This session featured Satya Nadella, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Search & Advertising Platform Group, interviewed by Search Engine Land editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan about Nadella’s role and plans for Windows Live Search and Microsoft adCenter.

ESPN Fears The Blogosphere
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The Worldwide Leader in Sports may be as soft as Chuck Liddell’s jaw when it comes to acknowledging other outlets for sports commentary exist online.

Getting Links Without Trying

Linkbaiting is a hot topic right now. However, one of the funniest definitions of creating linkbait was to “forget linkbait, think about the user first, and develop content for them.” Sounds noble enough, yet I find it extremely humorous. Mainly because of the language involved.

Social Media & Keeping the Conversation Going

If you followed the Stowe Boyd kerfuffle a few months ago – the one in which he says, broadly, that PR people don’t “get it” regarding social media – you’ll be interested in listening to Stowe talking to Eric Schwartzman in the latest

A Conversation With Google’s Vanessa Fox
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Nobody stands up Mike McDonald. Nobody, not even Google’s Vanessa Fox. Back on a cold December day amid the howling Chicago winds, poor Mike sat alone, waiting for Google’s Webmaster Central product manager. Alas, but all is vanity, and SEOMoz.org’s Rand Fishkin stole the show (and the interview).

What Makes the Super Bloggers Great?

I started this article as a congratulatory note to David Armano, but I ended up using to do something I’ve been meaning to for a while, which is highlight some great blogs and talk about why I think they have been so successful, particularly over the last year.


Do Not Try to Control the Conversation

John Bell recently explored the topic, "Who ‘owns’ conversational marketing? PR, Advertising or The People" over at Strumpette – The Naked Journal of the PR Biz.