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Mobile, Online Games To Make Up Majority Of Market By 2017

Mobile gaming is huge. The ability to play games whenever you want on a device that’s always on your person has attracted millions of people to a market that was at one time propped up solely by consoles and PCs. Now the mobile market is on the verge of taking a majority stake in an industry that it’s only been …

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Diablo III Hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

As announced back at this year’s E3 conference, Diablo III has now made its debut on consoles. The game is out now for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Blizzard also announced today that a downloadable version of Diablo III will be available via Xbox Live on October 4. As is custom for Blizzard games, Diablo III still retails for …

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Video Game Console Sales Expected to be Lower This Generation

The announcements this year of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have kicked off a new generation of console wars. While the excitement surrounding these new consoles is palpable, continued slow sales for Nintendo’s new Wii U console could be a warning that expectations for the 8th generation of video game consoles are a bit too high. Today ABI …

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China to End Video Game Console Ban, With a Catch

For 13 years, China has officially banned the sale of video game consoles in its country. Now, a new Chinese economic plan reveals that the ban may soon come to an end – but with a catch. The South China Morning Post today reported that a policy blueprint for a “Shanghai free trade zone” would allow for the sale of …

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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Console Release Delayed to April

It appears that console gamers will be getting a (very) tiny taste of what PC gamers have had to put up with for the past few years. Nordic Games today announced that the console release of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation has been pushed back. The title now has a release date of April 5 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation …

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Ben Cousins Predicts Death Of Consoles In 26 Minutes

Consoles are dying! That is a tired old argument that every gamer has heard for years. Cheaper PC’s brought it on. The popularity of handheld devices brought it on. And until now no one has made a compelling, intelligible argument as to why this is going to happen. Enter Ben Cousins. Ben is the General Manager at ngmoco. Ngmoco is …

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