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Fate of Comet ISON Still Undetermined

More than one week on from comet ISON‘s close approach to the sun, astronomers are still working hard to determine what exactly happened to the object. The comet approached the sun on November 28 after traveling for millions of years from outside our solar system. NASA and ESA researchers used a wide array of instruments to capture the comet’s approach, …

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Comet ISON – Find It With An App

The super comet ISON is burning brighter as it gets closer to earth and if you want to see it before it passes and is gone for good, the time is now. ISON is now visible with the naked eye and is scheduled to come its closest to the sun on Thanksgiving. The comet was first spotted last year by …

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Comet ISON: Will it Be “Comet of the Century”?

Comet ISON was set to be the “comet of the century”, but with just two months to go before peak viewing, which will be Thanksgiving day in the U.S., some scientists say that the sizzle just won’t be there, according to space.com. However, some say that it will earn its title. We’ll have to wait a few weeks to find …

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Comet ISON Spotted by NASA’s Deep Impact

NASA‘s Deep Impact spacecraft has snapped several images of the comet ISON (C/2012 S1). The images were obtained over 36 hours on January 17 and 18, from a distance of 793 million km (493 million miles). The comet is expected to come within 1.8 million km (1.1 million miles) of the sun and burn bright enough to be seen from …

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