Did You Realize That ColdFusion Is 20 Years Old?

Did You Realize That ColdFusion Is 20 Years Old?

By Chris Crum March 12, 2015

While we’re a few months early, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of ColdFusion. The first version was released on July 2, 1995. The platform, which spawned the CFML programming language, was invented by Jeremy and JJ Allaire. It was originally …

ColdFusion Whitepaper Details Future Iterations In Software Roadmap ColdFusion Whitepaper Details Future Iterations In Software Roadmap

Adobe is making headlines this week with its controversial decision to discontinue development of Creative Suite in favor of Creative Cloud, but that’s not all we’re seeing from its annual MAX Conference. ColdFusion, Adobe’s Web development software, is the subject …

Adobe Announces Pre-Release For New Coldfusion 10 Platforms Adobe Announces Pre-Release For New Coldfusion 10 Platforms

Adobe announced a few days ago that it has opened up for a short pre-release to get feedback on the support for new platforms for Coldfusion 10. Adobe’s Rakshith Naresh shared the following program description: The ColdFusion 10 – New …

Have You Addressed That Coldfusion Fix Yet? Have You Addressed That Coldfusion Fix Yet?

Last month, Adobe released a fix for a Coldfusion security vulnerability. On the Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) blog, Adobe posted: Today, a Security Bulletin (APSB12-21) has been posted in regards to a security hotfix for Adobe ColdFusion …

Adobe ColdFusion 10 Launches With Increased HTML5 Support Adobe ColdFusion 10 Launches With Increased HTML5 Support

After coming off of the successful launch of Creative Suite 6, Adobe has not been resting on its laurels. They’re back again with another product release that should go hand-in-hand with CS6’s HTML5 features. Adobe announced today that ColdFusion 10 …

Experimental Google Search Options

Google is experimenting with some very cool options for searching. First off, they have show new view: keywords that display additional ways to view / filter search results:

Adobe Spins Up LiveCycle ES

The financial and government sectors drove plenty of the work performed in preparing LiveCycle ES for its debut in the enterprise market.

ColdFusion 8 Brands With Adobe

ColdFusion’s latest version emerges for the first time under the Adobe brand name; it’s changed a lot since its early dot-com days of doing database calls for HTML.

Yahoo’s Search SDK Updated

So I’ve been ranting and raving about how we need to make this the year everyone knows about ColdFusion.

Well, I am very happy to say that Yahoo has just updated their Search SDK, and guess what language makes a brand new appearance??.

Yep – that’s right. COLDFUSION! Sorry to "yell" but I’m just that happy about it. The SDK includes both a simple search example and my ColdFusion Yahoo package.

Debugging Tip for Flex/ColdFusion

There are multiple methods of debugging applications, including the very cool FusionDebug, log files, ServiceCapture, and the debugging rolled into Flex Builder 2 itself.

MySQL Administration via ColdFusion
· 2

A user asked me if it was possible to backup and restore a MySQL database from ColdFusion.

Warn a User About a Session Timeout with Javascript
· 4

A coworker asked me this so I thought I’d whip up a quick example.

Flex/ColdFusion Mystery and a Very Simple Answer
· 2

I was working on a Flex project when I hit a brick wall. I had a very simple form.

Parsing XML As Query Object In Coldfusion
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I work in the financial industry as a developer and not that the financial industry has any greater implementation of XML than any other, but web applications that utilize back office processing for loan applications, or new account opening processes, or retail internet banking applications all to some extent make calls to a host. Many times it’s a DB2 database, and many times some other process that returns account information or validation information in xml format.

ColdFusion / XML Query Style
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At one point or another, whether it’s an enterprise level website, or one of your own, you’re going to have the burning desire to see how you can take advantage of what XML can do for your applications.

Consuming RSS Feeds With ColdFusion
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ColdFusion doesn’t seem to get the respect it deserves amongst the dedicated Java or .NET or even PHP development circles, but having worked in all of those environments, I’d like to state for the record, that completing a large scale development project AHEAD of schedule, keeping your Business Managers and Projects Managers happy, and let’s not forget the most important of all…

Helms on ColdFusion

Fusion Authority has published an interesting editorial by Hal Helms, scheduled for inclusion in FAQU 3.