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Cloud Storage Gets a Boost From the U.S. Government

For all the bad press that cloud storage has gotten in the wake of the recent celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, business is still booming. The consumer market for cloud storage hit record levels last year and is expected to grow further throughout the decade. Companies selling cloud storage for enterprise customers are expected to see even more growth, much …

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BlackBerry Announces New Mobility Management Cloud Service

BlackBerry is on its last legs. The company just released a devastating quarterly report detailing a $965 million loss. It is also on the verge of being bought out for $4.7 billion by a group of investors led by FairFax Financial Holdings. In both its buyout announcement and its quarterly report, BlackBerry emphasized that it would re-focus its efforts toward …

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Cloud Services Pose Privacy Risk

Most schools push their students to use the newest technology. Many schools are asking students to use cloud services to save their files and homework. While these services are convenient for both the students and the schools, they also come at the expense of privacy. Many of the cloud services used by schools also have ad support. This means they …

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