Here’s A New Google Video About Hidden Text And Keyword Stuffing

Here’s A New Google Video About Hidden Text And Keyword Stuffing

By Chris Crum August 9, 2013

Okay, one more. Google cranked out seven new Webmaster Help videos feature Matt Cutts (and in some cases, other Googlers) talking about various types of webspam. So far, we’ve looked at three videos about unnatural links, one about thin content, …

Google vs. MSN on Paid Links and Cloaking

Don’t buy paid links! Paid links are bad! Don’t cloak either. Search engines don’t allow it. You’ve all heard this before right?

>>> What are your thoughts on paid links? Do you agree with Google’s hard line? Comment here

Matt Cutts Provides More Cloaking Giggles
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A Danish company provided the daily allowance of raised eyebrows for its claim of offering undetectable cloaking techniques.

Expect Google Webmaster Tools Makeover
The official Google Webmaster Central Blog says within 6 weeks, an overall overhauled Webmaster central – both its Content and Organization will be unveiled.

Yahoo Autos Condemned For Cloaking

The automotive world can get pretty shady, but it still came as a surprise when Yahoo was recently caught “serving keyword stuffed pages to the SE crawlers and regular pages to the average users.”  This is known as “cloaking,” and it took place on the Yahoo Autos site.

Will Unison.ie be Banned From Google for Cloaking?

A nice little find by Niall Donegan who discusses Unison.ie cloaking:

A prime example of this is Unison.ie. When searching for current Irish news it usually ranks fairly high on Google, however all the pages require you register first before you view them. The registration gives no advantage to people like me who just want to a quick look at the latest news. I suspect that I’m not alone and that lots of people will just go back and look for another site.

Cloaking Concerns Over WebmasterWorld

The issue of website cloaking bubbled to the surface of the search engine optimization world again, as a handful of noteworthy names debated the tactic and WebmasterWorld’s alleged use of it over time.

Cloaking Is Bad… Unless It’s Good

The concept of page cloaking has come under fire; again, because the idea is being used by a number of legitimate sites in order to protect or hide their content from users and/or search engine bots. The fact that these sites do not get punished for using cloaking techniques has become a sore spot with some bloggers.

11 Euphemisms for Cloaking

Euphemisms are used in many areas of politics.

Google Bans Itself for Cloaking

The Google cloaking farce continues. As Danny reports, Google has indeed owned up to inadvertent cloaking…

Google Caught Cloaking and Keyword Stuffing?

A short while ago, Threadwatch member Adam_C discovered what for all appearances seems to be Google pulling dirty SEO tactics on it’s own pages and thus going against it’s own guidelines in an effort to rank highly within it’s own results.

Retaining Page Rank while Cloaking Affiliate Links
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There is no need to give away valuable Page Rank to affiliate programs. You signed up to make money, not to increase their search engine rankings.

Crawler Insights From Google and Yahoo!
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My favorite sessions at the SES conference were those where Google and Yahoo appeared on the same panels. You could almost always count on some crackling tension between the two search giants.

The “Meet The Crawlers” session was no exception.

Page Cloaking – To Cloak or Not to Cloak

Page cloaking can broadly be defined as a technique used to deliver different web pages under different circumstances. There are two primary reasons that people use page cloaking:

Source Code Cloaking…beauty or beast?

One of the more controversial strategies in search engine positioning is cloaking. But, is it a “beauty” or a “beast” in the world of search engines?