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Segmentation in Google Analytics for WordPress Readers

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a while seems to be finally nearing completion. Google Analytics allows you to segment users into custom segments, and there’s one segment I’ve been aching for.

Thoughts on Microsoft’s Future

The recent Microsoft news (Scoble leaving, Gates taking a reduced role, Ray Ozzie stepping up) combined with the last 10 years worth of evolution in networking and of the web really got me wondering about Microsoft’s role in the future.

Windows Live Product Search Coming

LiveSide reports that Windows Live Product Search is in development. Much like Froogle, WLPS would have price comparisons, and add Windows Live staples like detail sliders to hide/show metadata.

Windows Live Clipboard? Sort Of

Ray Ozzie gave a talk at ETech today, and he discussed an idea he had called a “live clipboard”.

New Microsoft idea: Clipboard for the Web

Ray Ozzie just showed an audience at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference a new idea: clipboard for the Web.

Using and Customizing the New Office XP Clipboard

The newly extended MS Office XP Clipboard can now contain up to 24 objects – twice as many as in previous versions of Office! Clipboard objects can include any type of data that will fit in the Windows Clipboard, including graphics, text from Word, or charts, forms and data from Excel or Access, to name a few. You can choose to paste all or one of the 24 objects into any MS Office document.