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Census Bureau Launches Map Powered By Google
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The U.S. Census Bureau said today it has launched a new online mapping tool detailing how well communities responded to the 2000 Census in an effort to raise awareness for the upcoming 2010 Census.

Census Bureau Launches New Website For 2010

The U.S. Census Bureau has launched a new website as part of its effort to communicate with Americans about the 2010 census.

The website called 2010CENSUS.GOV features an animated marquee that allows users to click on images representative of the population and view video clips aimed at easing fears about the census and encourage participation.

"2010CENSUS.GOV puts the census in the hands of the public," said U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves.

Census Survey May Move Online

President Bush’s pick to head the Census Bureau said he believes the Internet will be a tool to conduct the decennial survey in the future.

Stephen Murdock, director of the Institute for Demographic Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio, told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that Census must move to the Internet eventually while securing citizens personal information.