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YouTube Makes Caption Translation Easier

Google announced that it has made it easier to translate YouTube video captions into over 300 languages. “You’ll first need a caption track for your video, so if you don’t yet have one you can learn how to make one here,” the company explains in a blog post. “Select ‘Request translation’ in the YouTube Video Manager, choose the languages you’d …

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YouTube Says ‘Bienvenidos’ to Spanish Captions

It’s been three years since YouTube started providing captions for its video content, starting with English and eventually including Japanese and Korean. Today, the web’s top video site announced that it’s adding the first romance language to its collection of captioned languages: Spanish. Whenever you come across a video that is clearly in Spanish – and the software is smart …

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YouTube Adds More Caption Options

YouTube began offering caption support in 2006. In 2012 over 135 million videos have enabled automatic captions. This is over triple the number from July of last year, when YouTube began offering speech recognition captions in Japanese. Automatic captions with speech recognition are now offered in Japanese, English and Korean, making it much easier for users to provide these services. …

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