Chrome Now Makes It Easy To Find The Noisy Tab

Chrome Now Makes It Easy To Find The Noisy Tab

By Jeremy Muncy November 12, 2013

Have you ever drove yourself nuts clicking through all of your open tabs trying to find where that sound, music or audio was coming from? With that in mind, Chrome has just released an updated Chrome Beta that visually shows …

Mozilla Junior Browser Coming To iPad Mozilla Junior Browser Coming To iPad

Mozilla has announced that they plan to enter the iOS browser market with Mozilla Junior. Mozilla’s Alex Limi said that with Junior, they set out to “reinvent the browser for a new form factor,” something that “everybody says they do… …

Yahoo Axis Private Certificate Key Leaked at Launch Yahoo Axis Private Certificate Key Leaked at Launch
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Though the security issue has been resolved, Yahoo slightly botched the launch of Axis, its new mobile browser and desktop extension, by leaking its private certificate file in the source code of the Chrome extension. The private certificate was used …

Google Chrome Coming To Windows 8 Metro Google Chrome Coming To Windows 8 Metro
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Yesterday we brought you news that Mozilla was preparing a version of their Firefox browser that would run on Windows 8’s new Metro user interface. Now it seems that Google is preparing a Metro-compatible version of their own Chrome browser, …

Firefox Update Includes Twitter Search Firefox Update Includes Twitter Search

Move over Google, Firefox is now leveraging all of that Twitter content you’ve been so eager to recapture. Sure, you can get real time Twitter search results on Bing, but then again, Bing’s user base isn’t anywhere near Google’s. Considering …

Google Chrome Now Allows Browser Syncing for Multiple Accounts Google Chrome Now Allows Browser Syncing for Multiple Accounts
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A new Beta release for Google Chrome has been released which allows multiple sync accounts. Essentially this means that more than one person can sign into Chrome on a shared computer and have access to all their bookmarks, apps, and …

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Has Been Released
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Recently Mozilla unleashed Firefox 4 Beta upon the world, and most of us couldn’t be happier. The latest edition, of the world’s second most popular browser, has been in discussion for well over a year now… but the wait is finally over, you can download it here.

Are you downloading the Beta version? Let us know.

Who Can Take the Cake in Chrome Creativity?

Update: Google says the Google Chome Icon Project is over now.

Mozilla Launches Jetpack API

The developers at Mozilla Labs have introduced their new Application Programming Interface known as "Jetpack." Jetpack enables ordinary users who know basic web development languages, such as HTML, Javascript, and/or CSS, to write and distribute their own custom made Firefox add-ons using these languages.

IE and Google Chrome Browsers Get Upgraded

chrome-logoIn the past two days both Google and Microsoft have announced either changes or a new releases for their browser. Both are obviously touting improvements with speed being the main focus of Google and features being that of Microsoft.

MySpace Creates Widget For Traditional TV Viewing

 MySpace has launched a widget designed on the new Widget Channel TV application framework being  co-developed by Intel and Yahoo!.

AT&T New Browser – Pogo

AT&T stepped into the online realm last year with the purchase of ingenio, and now they have launched their very own browser called Pogo, now in invitation only beta. TechCrunch has invitations for this limited beta.

Essentially, it looks and acts a lot like Firefox. Here are a few screenshots from the new browser:

Firefox 3 Easily Exceeds Download Record
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Once the Guinness Book of World Records authenticates the download activity, the Mozilla Foundation should see a figure in the range of 8.3 million downloads of the Firefox browser in a 24-hour period.

Firefox Download Day Starts After Delays
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Overwhelming interest in Firefox 3, and the opportunity to set a world record for most software downloads in 24 hours, slowed the start of Firefox Download Day. It’s running fine now.

Firefox 3 Slated For June 17 Release
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The Mozilla Foundation will shoot for a world record when they make their latest browser, Firefox 3, available for download.

Mozilla Seeks World Record Firefox Downloads
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The browser maker wants to set a Guinness World Record when the next version of Firefox becomes available for users.

Mobile Browser Opera Mini Gains Speed
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The incremental update of Opera Mini to version 4.1 gave the little browser faster operation and a few extra features.