Square Gives Small Businesses Attractive New Email Marketing Option

Square Gives Small Businesses Attractive New Email Marketing Option

By Chris Crum April 7, 2015

Square just announced a new service that might make email marketing service providers a little nervous. It’s called Square Marketing, and comes with an email marketing solution for small businesses, who use Square for payments. It’s unclear exactly how many …

Virtual Supermarket: Would You Grocery Shop With Your Smartphone? Virtual Supermarket: Would You Grocery Shop With Your Smartphone?
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What would you say to shopping at a virtual grocery store, using only a smartphone and two dimensional images of the available items? Would that be enough to make you stop going to actual supermarkets or does the tactile experience …

10 Local Search and Social Location Resources to Have Your Business Listed In

You have a new business… perhaps a bar, a coffee shop, or maybe a GIS consulting firm! Regardless of the business type, if you have a brick and mortar presence then you need to get your business listed. This is …

Can You Have An Effective Online Presence Without Your Own Site?

Do you need a website to run a successful business these days? In years past, the answer would have seemed to be: almost certainly. Granted, not all businesses operate the same way, and businesses thrived for centuries before websites even existed, but if you don’t have on online presence, you are missing heaps of opportunity. That much is clear.

Brick and Mortar Retailers Will Benefit from Online Inventory Listing
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Earlier this month, Google announced that it was making public its documentation for Local Shopping inventory for Google Merchant Center. This is a feature that lets retailers let consumers know about what they have in stock. Milo.com is another site that based upon a similar principle, and it’s doing pretty well. 

Businesses Should Know About These New Local Features from Google

Facebook made some of the biggest news of the week with the anouncements from its developer conference, as far as online business goes, but Google had some significant news about local search that may have taken a backseat, but should not be ignored.

Why Even Local Search is Becoming More Real-Time

As the web quickly becomes more mobile and social than ever, we see apps filling voids that were mostly left empty throughout the history of search and social media. People are increasingly sharing their locations with their friends, certain apps, certain sites, and even the world.

Google Comes to Brick and Mortar Store Windows

In a recent article, we discussed ways the local search landscape is changing. Add another one to the list, because now Google is sending brick and mortar businesses decals to put on their windows, with barcodes that people can scan with their phones to bring up business listings on Google.

The Difference in Holiday Growth: Online and Off

As the holidays approach, are people going to do their shopping online or off? Well, both of course, but Hitwise shares some data that sees online shopping growth at 4.19% over the past four weeks, and that is up from 1.94% growth from the same period last year.

What a Difference a URL Can Make
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Research shows that print ads that contain URLs  are up to three times as likely to drive readers to a website than those that don’t include them.

Not that this information comes as much of a surprise, but it is probably a tactic that many businesses still are not using.

The Research Shows…