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How Googlebot Treats Multiple Breadcrumbs On E-Commerce Pages

Google has a new “Webmaster Help” video out about e-commerce pages with multiple breadcrumb trails. This is the second video in a row to deal specifically with e-commerce sites. Last time, Matt Cutts discussed product pages for products that are no longer available. This time, he takes on the following question: Many of my items belong to multiple categories on …

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Google to Add Breadcrumb URLs to AdWords

Google will soon begin to implement “breadcrumb trails” into their text AdWords ads. Breadcrumb trails refer to a set of links that show the path to various categories within a website. In the Google-provided example, a shoe site ad could have breadcrumb links to the subcategories of “women’s shoes” and “sandals”: The example image below is from a Google support …

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Get Your Breadcrumbs in Google for More Links in Results

Last summer it was discovered that Google was testing breadcrumbs in search results (breadcrumbs being the hierarchical display commonly used in site navigation. For example: Home Page>Product Page>Product A Page). Then in mid-November, Google announced that it was rolling out the use of breadcrumbs in search results on a global basis. What this means for webmasters is that if you can get your breadcrumbs into Google’s results, you essentially have more links on the results page. You have a separate link for each page in the breadcrumb trail.

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