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GoDaddy Executive Running for Arizona Governor

A former GoDaddy executive filed nominating petitions last week to enter the Republican primary for governor of Arizona. Christine Jones, a former legal counsel for the Scottsdale-based website hosting company, submitted her paperwork on Tuesday, the opening day of the …

U.S.-Canada Border Shooting Suspect Arrested

The U.S. border with Canada is generally more peaceful than the U.S. border with Mexico, but an incident this week shows that the northern border is also used for drug smuggling. A drug bust that took place this week in …

New Border Fence Planned For Arizona
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A legislative committee for the state of Arizona wants to go ahead with plans to build a 200-mile fence along its border with Mexico. According to a report from the Phoenix newspaper the Arizona Republic, the Joint Border-Security Advisory Committee …

Canadian Man Enters U.S. With Scanned Passport on iPad Canadian Man Enters U.S. With Scanned Passport on iPad
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This certainly isn’t going to sit well with the border hawks who want to fence off the borders of the United States: a man successfully crossed the Canadian/U.S. border without presenting his passport. It starts out sounding like a bad …

Laptops Being Searched At Borders

Well it was bound to happen at some point, and has serious ramifications for laptops and other