Google Book Scans Get Unified With Web Search

Google Book Scans Get Unified With Web Search

By Chris Crum June 8, 2012

Google released its big list of 39 changes it made in May. One particularly interesting change deals with how Google handles results from the books it scans. The change says: Scoring and infrastructure improvements for Google Books pages in Universal …

Google Book Search API Spreads Previews

Don’t be surprised if Google’s name starts showing up much more frequently on whatever library computers or book sites you use; the search giant has just created an API that will encourage the use of Google Book Search.

Google Won’t Dominate Book Search

Despite the hubbub generated by a New York Times report, the world of book digitization doesn’t start and end with Google, or even the participation of Microsoft and Yahoo in the Open Content Alliance.

Google Book Search Gets Commendable UI Update

I keep a list of books and stories that I’d like to read, and, thanks to an update to Google Book Search, I believe my list is about to get a lot longer; the Google Book Search homepage now essentially gives suggestions every time you visit it.

Google Earth Gets Book Search Layer

To research a place’s past, you could drive around looking for historical markers.  Or you could call up Google Earth; a new default layer allows users to “explore locations through the lens of the world’s books.”

Google Book Search Says Goodbye To Harry

Google Book Search has dealt with Indian manuscripts, Japanese universities, and Belgian libraries – interesting stuff, but not exactly in line with mainstream America’s tastes.  Now Google Book Search is directing a nod – more of a bow, really – to Harry Potter.

Google Book Search Tool May Madden Microsoft

Everyone knows that Google and Microsoft are rivals, but the first area of competition that comes to mind does not involve books.  Nonetheless, the two appear to be at it again, and it seems as if Google is readying a new tool for attack.

Fun With Microsoft’s Anti-Google Rant

The groundwork for the massive attack on Google Book Search as orchestrated by Microsoft’s executives and PR handlers conveniently ignores Microsoft’s tactics and history.

Microsoft: Google Can’t ‘Opt Out’ Of Copyright Law

You could say some of the sound bites from Microsoft’s latest rant over Google’s approach to copyright law bear a resemblance to a political campaign – not just because they carry the same tintinnabulation of highroad mantras, but have the same stabbing indignation of a call to war. Google’s doin’ wrong, says the Beast of Redmond, and we’ve got to do something about it.

Publishers Scoff At Online Book Search

In one of its most ambitious projects ever, Google has set a goal to digitize all book content that is public domain, and also snippets from other copyrighted words in order to provide users with the most comprehensive book search function ever conceived.

Several prominent libraries have already signed up to be a part of the Google Book Project, but the online search giant’s ambitions have some publishers turning up their nose in disapproval.

UC Libraries May Join Google Project

The University of California (UC) system could take part in Google’s book-scanning project, and would make 34 million volumes available to the search engine.