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New App Monitors Vitals via Bluetooth

Researchers in New Zealand have developed a prototype Bluetooth-enabled medical monitoring device that can be connected wirelessly to your smart phone and keep track of various physiological parameters, such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and movements. The prototype could be extended to include sensors for other factors such as blood glucose as well as markers for specific diseases. …

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No Hands-Free Devices For Drivers Idea Fails To Win Public Support

There are plenty of things that a driver can do to distract him/herself to a dangerous degree – texting, disciplining children, drinking beer, eating a meatball sub, etc. And while most people can agree that first thing on that list, texting, is a pretty unsafe rush hour activity, Americans are unsure about new regulations proposed by the National Transportation Safety …

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Panasonic’s New Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Panasonic launches a new Bluetooth hearing aid, making life easier than ever on the hearing impaired. Panasonic’s Healthcare Group introduces the R1-W available to the public today. What makes the R1-W so unique is that it appeals to the image-conscious consumer, the consumer who favors practicality, and even the consumer who wants something extra. For the image- conscious, the design …

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