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The Return of Blogger The Return of Blogger
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Fear not, those of you who haven’t migrated over to the WordPress environment because Blogger.com and all of its services is back. After a substantial outing, Google’s blog service is operational once again, and deleted posts have begun returning. While …

Blogs Can Still Drive Big Traffic
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You would almost think blogging was dead, the way headlines are dominated by Twitter, Facebook, and social media in general. I’ve always considered blogging to be a part of social media anyway, as the commenting factor lends to engagement between author and user.

Model Suing Google Over Vicious Blog Post
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Model Suing Google Over Vicious Blog Post

Model Liskula Cohen has a filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against Google in an effort to find out the identity of a blogger who called her a "skank" and an "old hag" on the blog "Skanks in NYC."