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Google Blog Search Goes Away (Kind Of) Google Blog Search Goes Away (Kind Of)

Google Blog Search is no more – at least as a standalone offering from the search engine. Search Engine Land points out that if you go to its previous home – google.com/blogsearch – it simply redirects you to the Google …

Yahoo Adds Blog Search to Search BOSS Yahoo Adds Blog Search to Search BOSS

Yahoo announced today that it has added Blog Search (in beta) to Yahoo Search BOSS, the company’s “Build Your Own Search Service” open search and data platform. “Developers looking for a blog search API often find the APIs that do …

Technorati Relaunches with Unique Content
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Technorati has launched a new version of its site. Among the changes is a feature that lets users post content directly to the site. This pretty much gives authors a chance to promote their blogs with links from their profile pages, while giving Technorati itself some unique content.

Google Recognizing Non-Blogs as Blogs
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A number of people have noticed that Google is viewing their websites as blogs when they are not really blogs. They are finding that Google is placing them in blog search portions of universal search results in regular Google searches.

Tons of Tips for Ranking in 5 Other Google Engines
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It’s not all about traffic. It’s about conversions. But it’s hard to get conversions if you don’t have the traffic, and while Google is one of the best potential sources for traffic, Google has other search engines besides web search that people use all the time, and it will not hurt to rank in them too.

Which engines besides web search do you see big traffic from? Comment.

Google History Now Includes Blog Search

Most people have accepted that some bloggers have important things to say.  And in the event people want to read those things more than once, Google Web History is now capable of tracking what they do through Google Blog Search.

Google China Gets Blog Search Engine
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Imagine a life-size model of a car.  It might look nice, but as for functionality . . .   Similarly, Google China had a blog search site that didn’t do much of anything.  The company has just dropped in an engine, though, and (censorship issues aside) users can have at it.

Lijit Receives $3.3 Million In Funding

Blog search is getting better – or at least richer – as Lijit Networks just secured $3.3 million in funding.

Technorati Refreshes With Major Update
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Spring cleaning at blog search site Technorati has yielded an updated interface and a more intuitive way to search for blog content.

Which Blog Search is Best?

Last Friday I visited the famous South Park area in San Francisco. It’s a small park south of Market street where a number of cool Web 2.0 startups are located (Twitter’s parent, Obvious Corp, is located in a building on one end of the park).

Sifry: Technorati’s Alive and Well

Just when you weren’t sure about the premier blog search engine Technorati anymore – the company blog bereft of Blogosphere reports, occasionally slow (or futile) search queries, no buzz anywhere – Technorati chief Dave Sifry pops online to say everything’s gravy.