Zazoom And blinkx Partner To Deliver More Video

Zazoom And blinkx Partner To Deliver More Video

By Lee Hester March 7, 2012

What happens when the world’s largest, most advanced video search engine (give you a hint: blinkx) and the parent company of the popular video brand Buzz60 (yeah, you knew it: Zazoom) decide to team up and form a partnership? Good …

Blinkx TV Knows How To Do It

How-to articles frequently grab attention at social media sites like Digg and Delicious. Video site Blinkx will try building on that popularity.

Blinkx Scores Goal.com Partnership

As a writer, I like words, and believe that writing has a place in nearly every situation imaginable.  Yet few people would be willing to “read” a sporting event, and so it’s rather noteworthy that Blinkx has become the power behind Goal.com’s video search.

Blinkx AdHoc Sets Out To Share Revenue

Can Blinkx bring down Google?  Maybe not.  But in one particular area, Blinkx is keeping up, and a new development will allow publishers to make money off the videos they embed in their sites.

Blinkx Seals Deal With CelebTV.com

I have to give Blinkx credit; on the video-sharing site’s homepage, “News” is still above “Entertainment.”  But if you want to indulge an interest in entertainment, you may be happy to hear that Blinkx has signed a deal with CelebTV.com.

Blinkx Inks Ad Deal With Utarget

Video search engine blinkx, said today that it has partnered with Utarget, a UK based online video advertising network, to place video advertising around its video content for UK audiences.

Blinkx Picks Up “Prom Queen” Sequel

If you haven’t heard of “Prom Queen,” know that the show was – in terms of “scripted Internet dramas,” anyway – a big sensation.  And now Blinkx, the video search engine, has won the rights to host and distribute the sequel.

Blinkx Announces 28 New Partnerships

I like Blinkx – the video search engine stays busy, thereby giving us something to write about.  And today, the video search engine gave evidence that it has been very busy – Blinkx announced 28 new media partnerships.

Blinkx Hires Several New Execs

Google probably hires around 40 people on a daily basis; it almost certainly achieves that every week.  Not every company’s worth $160 billion, however, and so it’s significant that Blinkx, which has a much smaller budget, has added a few employees and raised its overall headcount to 40.

Blinkx, Joost Develop Deal With Cycling.tv

For you Tour de France fans – you fans whose favorite cyclists haven’t been booted for lying or doping, that is – there’s good news: Cycling.tv just made distribution deals with Blinkx and Joost.  But the arrangement is really intended to draw in those of you who aren’t fans.

Blinkx Makes It To 14 Million Hours
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We last wrote about Blinkx seven days ago, and at that time, the company claimed its index contained a whopping 12 million hours’ worth of content.  Blinkx has now issued a release announcing its arrival at the 14 million-hour mark.

Blinkx Makes Friends With Vibe Solutions Group

Blinkx keeps getting bigger, and the video search engine has just won a new partner – Vibe Solutions Group – that continues the trend.  Vibe will add Pyro.TV to Blinkx’s searchable index.

Sesam.se Seals Deal With Blinkx

Sesam.se launched in November of 2006, and “is now Sweden’s leading search engine.”  That’s pretty impressive, and thanks to a partnership with Blinkx, Sesam.se is set to take another leap: it will gain access to 12 million hours of video.

Autonomy Acquires Zantaz
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$375 million will buy a lot of things, and one of them appears to be Zantaz, “a global leader in content archiving, electronic discovery solutions and software as a service.”  Autonomy, “a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise,” is behind the purchase.

blinkx Launches Contextual Video Ads

It was only a matter of time, because it’s seemed obvious to many that a good video advertising solution would be for an automated system to match video content to commercial style video ads. blinkx has announced their solution called AdHoc (honestly, must every advertising solution be “Ad-something”?) that does this.

Blinkx Launches AdHoc Platform

Video search engine blinkx officially launched its AdHoc contextual video advertising platform this week, a platform the company claims will do for video advertising what AdSense did for text ads.

Blinkx, InfoSpace Partner

Video search engine blinkx has partnered with InfoSpace to provide video search for InfoSpace’s metasearch brands including Dogpile.com.