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BTJunkie Shuts Down Over Fears Of Legal Action BTJunkie Shuts Down Over Fears Of Legal Action
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The aggressive pursuit of “rogue” Web sites by the U.S. government has caused another casualty – it was just self inflicted this time. BTJunkie, one of the top five torrent sites since 2005, has shut down for good. The reasoning …

BitTorrent Testing Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming BitTorrent Testing Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming
· 2

BitTorrent changed the way we shared information. Now they’re changing the way we stream information. BitTorrent in association with Dean Guitars will be live streaming NAMM Jam this Friday night from 6:45 p.m. to midnight. The live stream will be …

The Pirate Bay Stops Hosting Torrent Files The Pirate Bay Stops Hosting Torrent Files
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The Pirate Bay has announced that they will no longer offer torrent files for download on their site. Anti-piracy advocates should not get too excited, though: they are replacing the torrent files with Magnet links. This format is considerably more …

Add RIAA And DHS To List Of Internet Pirates Add RIAA And DHS To List Of Internet Pirates

Nearly 2,000 years ago the Roman poet Juvenal coined the now-famous phrase, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, commonly translated “Who watches the watchmen?” For centuries the phrase has been associated with political philosophy and the problem of corrupt government, but in …

Piracy Uncovered At French President’s Palace Piracy Uncovered At French President’s Palace

A new Russian website continues to prove a source of embarrassment for high-level opponents of music and movie downloading. The site, YouHaveDownloaded.com, shows users their downloading history based on their IP address. It also allows users to put in IPs …

Piracy May Actually Help Artists Piracy May Actually Help Artists
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With all the controversy over SOPA, there has been a lot of attention lately on the so-called “piracy” of music and movies. The practice of downloading copyrighted content illegally – i.e., without paying for it – is at the heart …

BitTorrent Use Uncovered at Major Entertainment Companies BitTorrent Use Uncovered at Major Entertainment Companies
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TorrentFreak, a news site devoted to all things BitTorrent, has published the results of an investigation they conducted into downloads via BitTorrent software at IP addresses owned by some of the entertainment industry’s biggest companies. Using Russian site YouHaveDownloaded.com, which …

Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Breaks Record Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Breaks Record

Just two weeks ago, a lawsuit targeting the Sylvester Stallone action flick The Expendables set the record for largest file-sharing suit ever. It targeted roughly 23,000 BitTorrent users who downloaded the movie between February and March of this year. That …

IP Addresses Do Not Equal People IP Addresses Do Not Equal People
· 2

According to a ruling made by United States District Court Judge Harold Baker, identifying the address assigned to your computer when it’s connected to the Internet is not the same thing as identifying the person who’s using the computer. Such …

BitTorrent Film Gets Release Date

Today, the first studio film to be released via torrent just received a launch date.  The blog for the Australian horror film “The Tunnel” sets the date for both torrent and hard copy as May 19th .  It will be …

Google Censors “BitTorrent” Suggestions
· 1

Early in December, Google vowed to distance itself from piracy. To do so, the company agreed that it would remove terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in their Autocomplete and Instant services.

Google Blocking Torrent Searches
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Google is blocking searches originating from torrent sites using Google Custom Search to find .torrent files, according to TorrentFreak.com, a move the founder of the site calls “censorship.”

Band Song Leak On P2P Really A Promotion
· 2

Buckcherry’s manager decided to give his band a little boost by leaking a single onto the Internet via BitTorrent, and got caught.

Cox, Comcast Caught Red-Dotted
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Only two countries in the world have ISPs actively blocking or interfering with BitTorrent transmissions: Singapore and the United States. Only one kind of ISP in both countries, though, is doing the blocking: cable.

An independent test conducted by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Software Systems showed that Comcast and Cox are both currently interfering with BitTorrent despite recent public and regulatory outrage.

Comcast To Slow Net For Heaviest Users
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Comcast CTO Tony Werner gets the last laugh on the most ardent BitTorrent users on his network, as the company plans to slow down all Internet traffic for them.

Comcast Working With BitTorrent

Taking a less heavy-handed approach than the outright blocking of BitTorrent traffic, Comcast announced the company has begun negotiating ways for simultaneous existence. The announcement comes at a time when Comcast desperately needs to diffuse public, regulatory, and legislative concerns about Network Neutrality.

There’s also the Time Warner WiMax deal to think about.

FCC Looking into Comcast

Back in November, we mentioned how Free Press and other groups wanted ISP/cable company Comcast brought before the FCC for the way the company imitated users on BitTorrent to terminate downloads. And now, the FCC will be looking into it—at least according to Chairman Kevin Martin, speaking at CES.

French, Canadians, (Mark) Cuban Go After P2P

Torrents and peer-to-peer networks have had a rough couple of weeks lately. In addition to Cox and Comcast’s recent blocking of torrent sites, file-sharing has been under assault in France and Canada, not to mention from billionaire Mark Cuban.

First Comcast, Now Cox Busted ‘Managing’ Traffic

Comcast’s BitTorrent snafu set off another investigation of a cable provider and yielded similar results. This time it’s Cox’s interference with file-sharing service eDonkey setting Net Neutrality alarms.

Comcast Faces BitTorrent Interference Lawsuit

A California Comcast customer called the company’s claims of fast Internet connections fraudulent due to their use of traffic shaping technology that hinders torrents.

Prince To Sue Bit-Torrent Indexer Pirate Bay


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