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Microsoft Office Ditches Clip Art For Creative Commons Images From Bing

Microsoft has faced the facts that nobody really wants to use lame clip art in the year 2015. As this year draws to a close, so does the era of clip art for Microsoft Office. Now, users are going to be able to utilize Creative Commons images from Bing Image Search rather than the clip art library they previously had …

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Bing Improves Image Search With Deep Learning

Image search is a cornerstone of any search engine. That’s why both Google and Bing are doing everything they can to improve image search to bring up the most relevant images for any search imaginable. While some may argue that recent changes made to Google image search make it worse, Bing is moving ahead with a new strategy that involves …

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Bing Image Search Gets Faster And Prettier

Bing announced that it is rolling out some changes to Image Search, including speed improvements and a completely redesigned image viewer. “We ‘dimmed the lights’ around the photo, adding a darker look that makes it easier on the eyes and lets the results shine in high definition,” says Bing Image Search program manager Jon Noronha. “Simply click on the main …

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Bing Image Search Update Makes Sure You Never Leave Unsatisfied

Yesterday when I was looking for images of Kenny Chesney on Bing Image search, I noticed that something looked a little different. For one, it seemed like my browser page was a lot fuller than I remembered it being when I searched for photoshop fodder on Bing. I also didn’t remember bigger previews of the images following my mouse cursor …

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