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SEO Vet Bill Slawski On Google’s Knowledge And Answers

In case you haven’t noticed, Google has changed a lot over the years, and much of the search engine’s focus is on showing users answers and information about what they’re looking for directly on search results pages through things like direct answers and Knowledge Graph. Is the Google experience improving as a result? Share your thoughts in the comments. On …

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Google Patent Could Bring A “Wiki-Type Element” To Search Results

This week, Google was granted a patent for “Organizing search results in a topic hierarchy“. The abstract for the patent says: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, for searching a data set and returning search results organized in a hierarchy of categories are disclosed. A set of categories is provided for organizing a set of search results, …

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Patent Analyst: This May Be Google’s Panda Patent

Google was granted a patent today for something called “Feature selection for large scale models”. It sounds pretty vague. The patent’s abstract says: Disclosed are a method and system for receiving a plurality of potential features to be added to a model having existing features. For each of the potential features, an approximate model is learned by holding values of …

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How Much Of Google’s Webspam Efforts Come From These Patents?

Bill Slawski over at SEO By The Sea, who is always up on search industry patents, has an interesting article talking about a patent that might be related to Google’s new Webspam Update. It’s called: Methods and systems for identifying manipulated articles. The abstract for the patent says: Systems and methods that identify manipulated articles are described. In one embodiment, …

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