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New Forecast Downplays Importance Of Mobile Ads

Google and Yahoo may not want to count on their interest in the mobile market paying off anytime soon.  A Bernstein analyst has forecast that, even by the time 2013 wraps up, mobile ads still won’t generate much in the way of income for either company.

Google’s Cut? Forty Percent, Baby

Divide the online advertising revenue pool into ten slices. Google devours four all by itself, to the tune of $7.5 billion in the US market so far in 2007.


Bernstein Bearish, Says YHOO Should Break Up

Sometimes the whole of something isn’t worth the sum of its parts. An analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein thinks someone needs to do to Yahoo what Bruce Lee used to do to his on-screen foes and bust it into pieces.

PR’s Killer App

This past weekend, I did something that most normal people do. I met up with some people for a little soiree, then went out to some bars.

Blog-Talk Downunder Draws Near
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Blogtalk Downunder is getting close now – and some of the papers being presented are truly mouth watering stuff.