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Google’s Annual Rev. From Typosquatting Put At $497m
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Most people regard typos as nuisances, just inconsequential mistakes that cause them to lose a second of time hitting the backspace key.  But for Google, typos may equal big business, as Benjamin Edelman and Tyler Moore have estimated that they make the search giant $497 million per year.

Bill Of Rights For Online Advertisers Proposed

Benjamin Edelman, who is an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School and a member of the Massachusetts Bar, wants to change how Google and some other big companies do business.  This morning, Edelman proposed a bill of rights for online advertisers.

The first concept he put forward was "an advertiser’s right to know where its ads are shown."  Next, there was "an advertiser’s right to meaningful, itemized billing" and, with a nod to data portability, "an advertiser’s right to use its data as it sees fit."

Google Hit With Typosquatting Class Action
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Harvard Business School professor Benjamin Edelman believes Google is profiting from and encouraging typosquatting by placing ads on trademark infringing made-for-AdSense websites. As co-counsel in a class action suit, Edelman suggests Google could be making money from a million domains or more.