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Ben Parr Launches “The Peep Project” Ben Parr Launches “The Peep Project”
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After being fired from Mashable as editor-at-large, Ben Parr is working on his own startup. The project is titled, “The Peep Project”. Parr comments on what he has in mind for the project: “We are building an intelligent information assistant …

Ben Parr Fired From Mashable Ben Parr Fired From Mashable

Reports have come out that Mashable editor Ben Parr has been fired. John Murrell at AllThingsD reports that word got out that Parr was no longer with Mashable, when emails to him were returned with a message simply saying, “no …

Facebook Launches Usernames Without A Hitch
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At 12:01 Facebook opened the flood gates on their new usernames feature.

Personally, the process went  very smoothly for me. I was able to secure my desired Facebook username with no trouble at all.

Facebook username is set