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Google PPC Click Fraud Getting Harder to Detect
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Perpetrators of click fraud are getting sneakier and sneakier. Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman has uncovered one of the more diabolical click fraud schemes known to be hatched. As he summarizes it:

Test Indicates Domain Front Running a Non-Issue
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Domain front running is when "insider information" is gathered by a party from monitoring attempts by an Internet user to check the availability of a domain name, and then that info is used to by that party to register that domain name.

Spyware Pops Drove Video Traffic

Several video-oriented websites received illicit boosts in their traffic from third-party ad popups that occurred on people’s PCs. Those machines had been infected by spyware, which powered those popups.

Edelman Critiques Google AdWords

Spyware researcher Ben Edelman looked into pay-per-click scams and the lengthy AdWords Content Policy, and found plenty of advertisers pushing to and past the boundaries of “ethical and legal advertising” online.

Search Engines Could Deliver Risky Sites

Querying for risky keywords puts the searcher at risk of being sent to a site that could prove malicious, but even queries for popular keywords poses some risk too.