What Happens When You Put Cameras On Cops?

What Happens When You Put Cameras On Cops?

By Alex Williams June 27, 2014

The adage of “who watches the watchmen?” beckons that even those who dish out justice should be met with the same repercussions if they too break the law. So as smart phone cameras record, microphones listen, and every bit of …

SES: Searcher? Oh, Behave!

The way searchers behave on search engines provides a lot of insight into what companies can do to improve their search services. A SES San Jose panel covered some recent enlightenment on searcher behavior research.

Behavioral and On Site Targeting Factors
Behavioral Targeting is the ability to target users based on their behavior on your website (this is one form known as on-site targeting). The concept of behavioral/on site targeting is exactly how business should be done: offer a customized solution to your end users so that they are truly engaged with your website.

Google Expands Testing on AdWords User Behavior Filter

It looks like Google is expanding it’s testing of an algorithm that filters out AdWords results based upon user interaction.

Some People Will Click On Anything

Pose whatever theory you like as to why, but an AdWords experiment revealed that people will click on just about anything – even if the ad tells them their computer will be infected with a virus if they do.

The Real Influence of Social Networks
Last month, JupiterResearch reported that 48% of Internet marketers would venture into social media marketing this year. This month they were involved in the research behind iProspect’s Social Networking User Behavior Study (press release). The result? Some pretty good stuff.

Social Networking: Examining User Behavior

Results from a recent iProspect study outline the specific behaviors of users visiting the most popular social networking sites. Among other items, the study finds that marketers should spend more time and resources investing in sites that operate within a relevant niche to their product than they have in the past.

Techniques for Stopping Blog Spam

Spam is one of those features that comes with a blog and stopping it isn’t quite as easy as it should be. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Danny Said it Too!

For those who stuck their fingers in their ears and loudly sang “La, La, La, La, La” while reading my Why Does Time Magazine’s Choice of “You” Bother Me?, I bet you will get with the program because Danny Sullivan wrote about online user behavior too.

Web Analytics Tool Evaluation

Tracking People not Behaviors

Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior

Are you Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior?

Web 2.0: Call It What You Will

The latest meme is trying to erase “Web 2.0” from our vernacular.

China, Internet Behavior, and Censorship

Attending a press conference for the Canadian Internet Project – a partner of the World Internet Project – a couple of months ago, I was struck by some of the survey data on citizen attitudes and orientations towards Internet use around the world.

TV Brands … The Web Influences

Yesterday I moderated a panel at MediaPost’s Forecast 2006 conference. The challenge before the panel was to resolve this question …

Perception Persuasion Behavior: PR at Work

Managers – the business, non-profit and association sort – really need to get this down pat if they are to meet their managerial objectives.

Yahoo Testing Behavior Targeted Advertising

Coolz0r links to an AdWeek article that says Yahoo is working with Behavioral Science to create ads that are targeted to a user’s behavior. Very cool idea.

Monsters in Meetings – How to Manage Unproductive Behavior

It happens easily. You’re conducting a meeting and suddenly a small side meeting starts. Then someone introduces an unrelated issue. Someone else ridicules the new issue. Everyone laughs, except the person who mentioned the idea. Then someone insults the person who told the joke. Two people stand up and walk out. Others complain that the meeting is a waste of time.