Banking Articles

Young Adults Favor Online Banking

Consumers born between 1982 and 2000 are accustomed to using the Internet to access financial services, according to Celent Communications "The Millennials, Financial Services and the Web" report.

Self-Service And Online Banking

Over 75 percent of U.S. and Canadian consumers polled said they were more likely to do business with organizations that offered self-service, according to a study from BuzzBack Market Research for NCR.

Online Banking Paying Off

Financial institutions of all sizes are opening virtual branches that offer higher savings yields and lower interest rates in an effort to lure more customers.

Online Banking Has Strong Growth

Online banking is growing 27 percent yearly, which is faster than other retail banking channels, according to TowerGroups’s "Delivery Channel Volumes in the United States, 2006-2010: From ‘In Line’ to Online" report.

Who’s Going to Emetrics London?

One of the biggest conferences in terms of Web Analytics, the Emetrics Summit, is quickly coming up at the end of March (this time in London). 

Pew Survey On Online Banking

In a report titled “Online Banking 2006: Surfing to the Bank,” the Pew Research Center declared that the number of Internet users who bank online is on the rise. Unfortunately, their most recent in-house data appears to be from December of 2005.

Financial Firms Banking On Podcasts

Clients of some investment firms will soon have the opportunity to download podcasts of financial research for easy listening.

Yahoo: Banking Today, Payments Tomorrow?
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If Yahoo Japan’s most recent attempt at starting a joint venture and taking a position in an online bank succeeds, it could be a testing ground for establishing an online payment service.

Company Debuts Attention Banking

Often when consumers buy online, vendors take a snapshot of the customer’s browsing data so they serve up contextual advertising based on user habits. A company called ROOT Markets thinks that information should be available to the customer as well.

Watch Out For Tsunami Relief Email Scams

The millions of dollars donated by individuals to relief efforts in Southeast Asia have brought criminals and scammers out of the woodwork, US government agencies and private anti-fraud groups warned last week, Internetworld.com reported.

Banking PageRank For Non-Existant Sites

Our “New Google Bomb” discussion in WebProWorld is one of our most popular to date, but the question remains, how does this phenomenon affect search optimization?

Danish banking customers let down by IBM DB2

Customers of Denmark’s largest bank were left in the dark after of errors with IBM’s database software brought service down in mid March.