A Further Look At Twitter’s Demographic Breakdown

A Further Look At Twitter’s Demographic Breakdown

By Chris Richardson June 19, 2012

Earlier, the Pew Research report concerning Twitter users hit the wires, and it was an awfully revealing look at how many people in the United States use Twitter. It also revealed the racial breakdown of these American users, and the …

Top 5 Reasons the “C Word” Should Be Your Priority

I’m not going to tell you that "content is king." You already know that. There are reasons why your best bet for running a successful online business revolve around your content though.

1. Links

Should You Blog?

According to the 2008 State of the Blogosphere from Technorati, a little more than half the companies in North America do not have a blog.  So that means that just under half do.  Why are they spending their time blogging?

Microsoft, Google Neck and Neck For Audience

Microsoft sites edge out Google sites in terms of total online audience by about a million visitors. When it comes to time spent, though, Time Warner and Yahoo rule the roost.

TV 2.0: a Micro Audience World?

This is an interesting panel discussion we held a few weeks ago at Swissnex, which was designed to start a conversation between Swiss entrepreneurs and US ones. The topic? The future of television content in a multimedia world.

Terrorist Better At Targeting Online Audience

Islamist militants are getting better at gearing their message online to specific audiences including women and children according to a meeting hosted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Russia Online Audience Fastest Growing

Europe had the largest Internet audience- ever in September with a five percent year over year growth, and 226.7 million unique visitors 15 years or older.

Audience Fragmentation Driving Ad Serving Buys

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and WPP all ponied up big bucks to gain advertising companies, as Tacoda’s Dave Morgan suggests a splintering online audience has driven this.

CBS Horrifies Net Audience With ‘Dodge The Kills’

A charming series of short videos entitled "How to Survive a Horror Movie" links CBS and author Seth Grahame-Smith’s recent book of the same name.

TechMeme: It’s Not the Size of the Audience…

This isn’t a discussion that will necessarily have a neat conclusion – that’s sort of the nature of debate. But A-list bloggers dogpiled on the value, or lack there of, of headlining on TechMeme, and branched out to a more robust discussion about the value of quality (lesser, niche) traffic over the pounding servers get when headlining elsewhere.

Podcast Expo: Capturing An Audience

Podcasts can be cool, but “cool” isn’t necessarily enough to attract new customers or increase your profits.  So Eric Schwartzman, iPressroom’s founder and chairman, gave relevant advice in a session called “Attracting/Growing Your Audience.”

Facebook’s London Audience Increases

New York’s network on Facebook is impressive, but not the biggest out there – both Vancouver and Toronto have it beat.  London’s the dominant location, however, and a Facebook employee made note of this fact over the weekend.

Engagement Leads To Record News Site Traffic

For news publishers, more is better, especially in an era of declining print. Lately, more users are reading more news, spending more time on news sites, and visiting more frequently.

Presidential Candidates Missing Online Audience

All of the major presidential candidates have an online presence, but their current online strategies are not reaching 42 percent of voters who use the Internet for information about politics, according to a study from iCrossing "How America Searches: Election 2008."

Targeting Passions (Audience Discovery)

I read an interview of Bill Gossman, CEO Revenue Science on Media Post’s Behavioral Insider. Bill talked about the concept of “audience discovery” to find the right audience for an advertiser.

Newspaper Web Sites Attract Growing Audience

Newspaper Web sites are doing well and their audience is growing at close to twice the rate of the overall online audience, according to new data from the Newspaper Association of America.

Marketing And The Online Video Audience

Frequent users of streaming audio and video spend more time online than average Internet users, according to Knowledge Networks/SRI’s "MutliMedia Mentor" report.

Marketing And The Online Video Audience
Marketing And The Online Video Audience
Marketing And The Online Video Audience