Netflix Eyes Expansion In Europe, Asia

Netflix Eyes Expansion In Europe, Asia

By Chris Crum January 8, 2015

Netflix expanded into new European markets last year, and appears to have additional ones on its roadmap, as well as some Asian countries and those where Arabic is widely spoken. A research note from Citibank analyst Mark May has drawn …

Boeing 747 May Get 86′d in the Years to Come Boeing 747 May Get 86′d in the Years to Come

The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet has been hailed as a double-decker revolution in air travel that shrank the globe by the Associated Press, yet even Arsenio Hall seems able to offer one as a (seemingly unattainable) prize on his new …

Larger Smartphones Beating Tablets in Asia Larger Smartphones Beating Tablets in Asia

As the smartphone and tablet markets begin to become saturated in western countries, manufacturers are now looking to emerging markets such as China and Brazil for growth. However, with smaller tablets becoming more popular and larger smartphones taking off, market …

Rdio Makes Its First Move into Asia Rdio Makes Its First Move into Asia

Subscription-based streaming music company Rdio has just announced an expansion that will see it move into 7 new countries. Starting today, Rdio will be available in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Poland. This marks the …

Spotify Comes to Mexico, Parts of Asia, and Europe Spotify Comes to Mexico, Parts of Asia, and Europe

Back before the big Spotify launch in Canada, it was rumored that the streaming music platform would also break into Asia and parts of Latin America. Today, many months later, Spotify has finally made it official. “Exciting times! Today we’re …

Facebook Backs Asian Underwater Cable Initiative Facebook Backs Asian Underwater Cable Initiative

Facebook has invested in a project to help boost internet speed and availability to nearly a dozen Asia-Pacific countries, according to the BBC. The Asia Pacific Gateway project, which was finalized in December fo 2011, is working to build a …

Anita Borg Scholarship Making Its Way To Asia Anita Borg Scholarship Making Its Way To Asia

Computer science and technology are quickly changing the education ecosystem of every nation around the globe. It’s already been shown that children (and adults) should be learning some kind of programming language if they are to get a decent job …

eBay Announces New Joint Venture In Asia

Any eBay shareholders who were less than thrilled about eBay’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Gmarket last June may feel better after hearing about a new plan that involves the property.  eBay announced late yesterday that it intends to work with Gmarket’s founder to expand Gmarket’s presence in Japan and Singapore.


Global Online Population To Hit 2 Billion

The number of people online globally is set to grow more than 45 percent to 2.2 billion users over the next five years, according to a new report from Forrester Research.

Asia will account for 43 percent of the world’s online population by 2013, with 17 percent residing in China.

Growth rates in the U.S., Western Europe, and nations in Asia Pacific such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea will slow to between 1 percent and 3 percent.

Google Looking for A Larger Presence in Asia?
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Google has acquired Korean "blog specialty" company TNC (Tatter and Company). Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Google Conquering Asia In Search

International business continues to look good for Google, as their search engine attracted the biggest chunk of search share in April.

Dot-Asia Goes On Sale

Registration for .asia domains began at 8:00 this morning, along with a virtual gold rush of domain prospectors looking to connect with an area containing nearly 4 billion people.

Not quite that many in the Asia-Pacific region have internet connections yet, but think of the potential.  In Europe, there are 389 million people; in the US, just 300 million. When two-thirds of the world lives in a specific place with Internet growing at 240 percent of the past seven years, that’s cause for sufficient excitement amongst brands, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Google Says It Can Weather Economic Slow Down

Google says it will be able to survive any global economic slow down because of its broad base of advertisers.

Broadband Adoption Rising In Asia

Broadband access in the Asia-Pacific region has seen significant growth in the past decade, as operators have upgraded their networks in preparation of future demand for high bandwidth services according to a new study from ABI Research.

Hitwise Looks At An Asia Pacific Holiday Season
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It’s nearly Christmas, and that means it’s time for sales of boots and heavy hats to increase.  Unless, that is, you’re in the Asia Pacific, where new Hitwise data uncovered an interest in Crocs and Oakley sunglasses.

Facebook Offers $85m for Zhanzuo

Have you noticed how whenever we discuss Friendster these days, we can’t help point out that most of its traffic comes from Asia?

eBay Expresses Interest In Southeast Asia

Like Google and Yahoo before it, eBay is eyeing Asia and the best ways to succeed in that region.  And although eBay is focusing on a slightly different group of countries, it, like Google, intends to concentrate on the mobile market.