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Google Makes Changes To AdWords Policies Google Makes Changes To AdWords Policies
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Google announced today that it has updated its AdWords policies on software principles, arbitrage, advertiser claims and relevance, clarity and accuracy. The changes will go into effect on October 15. Google has added specific examples of the kinds of advertiser …

Ask Displaying Google Ads through its Contextual Ad Program

So you want to get into the arbitrage game by serving Google ads on Yahoo?

If so, you have quite a few hurdles to overcome. Google’s quality team is gunning for you, countless advertisers are watching their logs, and just about everyone under the sun is excluding you from their content network campaigns. What’s a gray hat arbitrager to do?

Perhaps the answer is a back door method to arbitrage Google ads.

When is Publishing a Commodity?

As Google’s ad network gets more efficient and Google controls more bits, almost everything in any commercial market is going to sell something, subsidize another commercial interest, or have ads on it. To appreciate how much this trend will grow, just read the comments on my post about using custom search engines.

Changes Afoot With AdSense Policies

People returning to their feedreaders after the SMX conference and elsewhere found new AdSense policy changes awaiting them.

Google Hammers AdSense Arbitrage Sites

On June 1st, low quality websites that have been set up for arbitrage will have their AdSense accounts shut down, as Google begins a big crackdown.

SES – Goodman: “We Do Arbitrage”

At Search Engine Strategies New York this week I had the opportunity to model a panel on the latest with buying contextual ads with particular focus on the top contextual programs through Google, Yahoo, IndustryBrains, and a couple of others.

Google’s Not Stopping Click Arbitrage

Who would have though click arbitrage would be a topic worth of being covered by Forbes?

Google Tackles Click Arbitrage
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Google is putting its Birkenstocks down hard on AdWords clients with less-than-quality landing pages for their websites, in an attempt to clean up those made-for-AdSense pages found all over the web. Click arbitrage is a modern version of the “buy low, sell high” advice many have learned over the years.

Should Keyword Arbitrage Be Called “Click Pimping”?

I have a friend who calls keyword arbitrage – the practice of buying cheap clicks on one PPC engine and then collecting a higher CPC based on ads served (and clicked often enough) on a content-oriented site – “click pimping.”

Adword Arbitrage

Seems appropriate on the eve of the boom’s anniversary to revisit arbitrage and bubbles.