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NASA to Remember Fallen Astronauts on February 1

NASA announced today that its yearly “Day of Remembrance” for fallen astronauts will be held on February 1. The date marks the 10th anniversary of the day the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Flags at NASA facilities will be flown at half-staff on that day. The tribute will be used to honor the astronauts who …

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NASA Brushes Off Its Apollo Dust Data

It’s been 40 years since the last Apollo mission, and this week NASA announced that findings from those missions continue to provide researchers with new insights into the the moon. Scientists at the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC), NASA’s archive for space science mission data, are currently restoring data from Apollo 14 and Apollo 15 dust detectors. “This is …

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NASA Releases New Photo From Apollo 17

In December of 1972, Apollo 17 left the moons surface and to this date no human has been back to step foot on the lunar surface. Moves have been made in the last few years to solve this problem with things going as far as Newt Gingrich calling for a permanent colony on the moon by the year 2020. After …

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