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EU Launches Search and Advertising Antitrust Investigation Against Google
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Update 2: Google has posted a response on its Public Policy Blog.

FTC Discusses Google, AdMob Antitrust
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 In testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, the Federal Trade Commission explained how it protects consumers by applying well-established principles of competition to fast-changing technology markets.

Intel and FTC Reach Settlement on Antitrust Case

Intel announced that it has reached a tentative settlement with the FTC in the antitrust suit the FTC brought against the company in December.

The suit alleged that Intel had violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. In this settlement, Intel does not admit any violations. Intel SVP and General Counsel Doug Melamed offered the following statement:
Intel and FTC reach agreement

eBay-PayPal Tie-Up Draws Complaints In Germany
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This has not been a great week for American tech companies trying to do business in Europe.  First, Google got in trouble over allegedly anticompetitive search practices and its policy on Street View data retention.  Now, German antitrust authorities are looking at the way in which eBay has supported PayPal.


European Commission Turns Magnifying Glass On Google
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Google may soon find it necessary to send another plane full of lawyers across the Atlantic.  European regulators have decided to take a closer look at the company’s business practices in response to three separate antitrust complaints.

Microsoft Presents European Web Browser Choice Screen
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Starting sometime around the first of March, Microsoft is going to give Europeans an obvious chance to pick something other than Internet Explorer as their Web browser.  And starting today, Microsoft’s given the whole world a chance to see what its "Web browser choice screen" looks like.

Microsoft Throws IE Rivals A Bone In Europe
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Today, Microsoft may have given Firefox and Chrome a better shot at grabbing market share in Europe.  A report’s indicated that Microsoft will appease antitrust regulators – along with its competitors – by showing Windows users a randomized ballot screen for Web browsers.

Intel Pays AMD $1.25 Billion, Following That $1.5 Billion Fine
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Update: Intel has now updated its Fourth-quarter financial expectations:

Is the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Anti-competitive?
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That Microsoft-Yahoo deal that has been so heavily anticipated since even way before it was announced may not go through as planned. At least that’s what one antitrust lawyer thinks.

Matthew Cantor, a partner with the firm Constantine Cannon LLP, told ComputerWorld that he believes the deal will not get past regulators – at least not as is.

Microsoft Gives In On IE Bundling Issue

"You win, European Commission," Microsoft seems to have said.  Following months of fines and accusations, the Redmond-based corporation agreed today to offer Windows users access to browsers other than Internet Explorer from the very beginning.

Microsoft May Be Making Antitrust Progress

Maybe Microsoft won’t get fined a gazillion dollars by the European Union, after all.  The software giant is supposedly making an attempt to settle two antitrust probes, and according to the same report, even has a firm cut-off date in mind. 

Google Has Plenty of Competition
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When we think of Google’s competitors, Yahoo and Microsoft often come immediately to mind. We think of other search engines. There’s no question that Google is (by far) dominating this space. What do you think Google’s greatest source of competition is? Share your thoughts.

Google Facing Antitrust Probe Over Book Deal

Google is facing an antitrust investigation by the Justice Department over its class action deal it reached with publishers and authors to digitize and sell books.

Justice Department Extends Microsoft Antitrust Oversight

It’s not hard to imagine that certain Microsoft execs had started a countdown; as things stood, the Department of Justice would only be monitoring their company for about seven more months.  A new development has pushed the antitrust oversight period’s end date out to May 12th, 2011, however. 

Google Gives Microsoft A Little Antitrust Payback
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Business is war, and payback is hell, but corporate trustbusting is more of a sport. Like basketball players insisting the ball bounced off the other guy’s foot, Microsoft and Google are at it again. This time Google returns the antitrust volley by announcing its intention to apply to become a third party in the European Commission’s investigation into Microsoft’s “unfair” bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

President’s Antitrust Chief Nomination Known to Criticize Google

Christine VarneyPresident Obama’s nomination for Antitrust Chief, Christine A. Varney, has a history of criticizing Google on the topic of antitrust. Current concern appears to be focused on Google’s efforts in the cloud computing world.

Microsoft In Still More Antitrust Trouble

Microsoft apparently drew one step closer to getting in serious trouble with the European Commission yesterday.  This afternoon, the company admitted to finding out that the European Commission believes its handling of Internet Explorer has been breaking antitrust laws.

Did Google Barely Escape Antitrust Charges?
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As you’re no doubt aware, Google and Yahoo had a search advertising deal going earlier this year, but turbulence from possible-antitrust complaints and Department of Justice scrutiny ultimately led to Google backing out of the deal.

Google and Yahoo! Talk Volume Caps with Justice Department

Google and Yahoo! are in the middle of trying to convince the federal government (namely the Justice Department) that their search advertising deal is not an antitrust issue. This has been going on for months as they’ve tried to convince the entire world of the same.

The Status on MySpace Music

The projected launch date of MySpace Music has changed a lot lately, but is still expected to launch before the end of the month. That gives us about one more week. It could launch anytime until then, but it’s starting to feel like they’re going to wait until the last possible minute.

Reasons for Delay

MySpace Music to Face Antitrust Suits?
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Myspace_3MySpace music is now scheduled to launch this week, but an antitrust lawsuit may be in the making as indie labels in the EU a