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Microsoft Confronts Google With Antitrust Complaint
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The phrase “wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy” apparently doesn’t apply to Microsoft’s antitrust-related examinations at the hands of the European Commission.  Late yesterday, Microsoft announced that it’s filing a complaint about Google with the organization. Microsoft’s own experiences …

Steve Jobs Ordered to Address iTunes Antitrust Concerns

Bloomberg Businessweek got the scoop that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been ordered to answer questions in an antitrust dispute by a federal magistrate judge. According to the publication, “Lawyers for consumers who filed the 2005 complaint won permission to …

Google Antitrust Review By Senate Commended By FairSearch Coalition
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Last week, Senator Mike Lee called for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee to conduct a hearing, with Google identified as the target. In a statement, Lee said, “Google’s position as the preeminent search engine may be abused so as …

Google Targeted (Again) For Antitrust Oversight Hearings
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Google’s best lawyers may want to start packing their bags for Washington, D.C. Today, Senator Mike Lee called for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee to conduct an oversight hearing, and Lee identified Google as the sole target. That means …

American Antitrust Institute Discusses Google ITA Deal
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The American Antitrust Institute (AAI) has stated the proposed acquisition of ITA Software by Google may be "straining the boundaries of antitrust analysis, but serious consideration of a challenge is warranted."

The organization has issued a White Paper discussing this.  

Apple Subscription Service Being Monitored By Antitrust Regulators

Earlier this week, Apple introduced its Subscription service for the App Store. Immediately, it was met with waves of criticism (though it’s certainly had its share of defenders). It didn’t take long at all for whispers of antitrust to start going around.

Apple Subscriptions Raise Antitrust Questions

This week, Apple launched a subscription service for the app store. It enables all publishers of content-based apps (including magazines, newspapers, video, music, etc.) to follow the model of the recently launched The Daily from New Corp. 

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the service has raised concerns about antitrust, though neither Apple nor the Justice Department has commented on the matter. 

Google, EU Said To Be In “Tentative Discussions”

The group that’s fined companies like Microsoft and Intel billions of euros in the past few years might reach a less harsh solution where its antitrust probe of Google is concerned.  Rumors indicate that Google and the European Commission are holding talks.

Note: these rumors are very much unproven, with even the unnamed source who leaked them indicating that negotiations aren’t far along.  Google could still be in a lot of trouble.

Italy Concludes Google Antitrust Probe

An antitrust probe that began way back in August of 2008 has at last concluded, and the outcome tends to favor Google.  Italian authorities have decided not fine the company or subject it to any additional regulation.

European Commission Widens Google Inquiry
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Google’s lawyers in Europe, who have been forced to deal with all sorts of investigations and inquiries over the past few years, have just had more obstacles dropped in their way.  A new report’s indicated that the European Commission will look into two antitrust complaints originating in Germany.

French Regulators Call Google Dominant, Express Concerns
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There’s good news and bad news for Google in France today.  The Autorite de la Concurrence – a competition watchdog – has decided it isn’t thrilled with the company’s power, but isn’t yet willing to assert that Google needs to be tamed with fines and legal measures, either.

Yahoo Japan-Google Deal Gets Regulatory Approval

A tie-up between Yahoo Japan and Google may sound unlikely for all sorts of reasons, but antitrust regulators in Japan see no reason to stop the deal from going forward.  Earlier today, the Fair Trade Commission declared that the proposed partnership isn’t anticompetitive.

A little background information: Yahoo Japan said in July that it intended to make use of Google’s search tech, which came as a surprise to many since Yahoo and Bing were moving forward together in the U.S.

EU Launches Search and Advertising Antitrust Investigation Against Google
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Update 2: Google has posted a response on its Public Policy Blog.

FTC Discusses Google, AdMob Antitrust
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 In testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, the Federal Trade Commission explained how it protects consumers by applying well-established principles of competition to fast-changing technology markets.

Intel and FTC Reach Settlement on Antitrust Case

Intel announced that it has reached a tentative settlement with the FTC in the antitrust suit the FTC brought against the company in December.

The suit alleged that Intel had violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. In this settlement, Intel does not admit any violations. Intel SVP and General Counsel Doug Melamed offered the following statement:
Intel and FTC reach agreement

eBay-PayPal Tie-Up Draws Complaints In Germany
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This has not been a great week for American tech companies trying to do business in Europe.  First, Google got in trouble over allegedly anticompetitive search practices and its policy on Street View data retention.  Now, German antitrust authorities are looking at the way in which eBay has supported PayPal.


European Commission Turns Magnifying Glass On Google
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Google may soon find it necessary to send another plane full of lawyers across the Atlantic.  European regulators have decided to take a closer look at the company’s business practices in response to three separate antitrust complaints.

Microsoft Presents European Web Browser Choice Screen
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Starting sometime around the first of March, Microsoft is going to give Europeans an obvious chance to pick something other than Internet Explorer as their Web browser.  And starting today, Microsoft’s given the whole world a chance to see what its "Web browser choice screen" looks like.

Microsoft Throws IE Rivals A Bone In Europe
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Today, Microsoft may have given Firefox and Chrome a better shot at grabbing market share in Europe.  A report’s indicated that Microsoft will appease antitrust regulators – along with its competitors – by showing Windows users a randomized ballot screen for Web browsers.

Intel Pays AMD $1.25 Billion, Following That $1.5 Billion Fine
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Update: Intel has now updated its Fourth-quarter financial expectations:

Is the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Anti-competitive?
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That Microsoft-Yahoo deal that has been so heavily anticipated since even way before it was announced may not go through as planned. At least that’s what one antitrust lawyer thinks.

Matthew Cantor, a partner with the firm Constantine Cannon LLP, told ComputerWorld that he believes the deal will not get past regulators – at least not as is.