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Alexa Trend: Tallying Up The Critics

Being Internet Explorer-centric leaves out legions of Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other browser users, and distorts how some sites are perceived in terms of traffic.

Compete.com Improvements

Compete announced today that they rolled out some enhancements to the Compete.com site. Compete is now a site I’m visiting more often to research web publishers and get a different look at data instead of just using Alexa.

Alexa’s New Features

Most people know by now that Alexa is far from perfect, but it’s one of the only and best traffic ranking and monitoring tools available. On Friday they announced some new features:

* Geographic user report – See what percentage of users for a site comes from each country.

* Traffic rank by country – This one is interesting to actually see your site’s ranking in different countries.

Digg and Knuttz – No Longer Friends?

Since my post four days ago about the incredible run of Knuttz submissions on Digg, their winning streak has suddenly come to a grinding and painful halt.

Diggers are Nuts about Knuttz

The folks over at Knuttz.net have cracked the code on Digg. So listen up, I’m here to explain to you exactly how they do it (well, with one critical missing detail!)

Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau

Marshall Sponder turned me on to a post from Ian Thomas at Microsoft confirming the rumors that Microsoft is building a web analytics application code named Gastineau.

MySpace Passed By YouTube On Alexa

Now, no one’s going to suggest YouTube has passed MySpace to become the number one trafficked website on the internet (assuming MySpace is even that), but Google’s aquisition can claim one thing: #5 on Alexa’s rankings.

Maybe Alexa Stats Can Be Trusted

Well look what the Alexa folks shared on their blog. They took the publicly available Sitemeter stats for a couple of web sites and matched them against the Alexa traffic history graphs.

Top 20 U.S. Websites

The results are in! The names of the top 20 U.S. domains have been released, and you might have guessed the winner.

Google To Be Number One In 2007

Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney says that, based on Comscore Data, Google will be the number one trafficked website by late next year. Comscore’s top 4 currently (September numbers) stand at:

Alexa’s Redesigned Site Widgets & API Tricks

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but Alexa redesigned the site widgets, offering a cleaner, more appealing web 2.0 face. This really had to come. The old widgets were designed in an 1984 trend.

YouTube Did Not Beat MySpace, Not Even Close

A Guardian Unlimited story has floated around all day with the headline “YouTube overtakes MySpace,” detailing how the video-sharing website had surpassed MySpace in daily global Internet visits. Unfortunately, it’s flat out wrong. YouTube’s not even close.

European Expansion for MySpace

MySpace.com, the online social network, is often a topic I include in presentations and workshops about social media and social computing.

Final Proof that Alexa Rankings Are a Joke?

I’ve always said that Alexa data is a nice tool, but doesn’t give any serious data that can be relied on.

Amazon A9 / Alexa Using Windows Live

Alexa, the oft-used but never trusted web stats site has switched over its search engine from Google to Windows Live, proudly displaying the new “powered by Windows Live” logo on search results pages.

Google Cache Banned By Alexa For TOS Violation

Yeah, this is silly, but someone at Digg noticed that Alexa has blocked a Google IP for violating the Terms of Service. Googlebot getting a little too frisky with Alexa’s data ports?

Seeing Through The MySpace Mirage

A controversial article featuring research by Jupiter Research claimed active membership at MySpace was far below the number of registered users for the site.

Buying Domain Names

Over at the SEM 2.0 discussion group run by Andrew Goodman, there’s a thread about buying domain names that has been offering some excellent suggestions.

Amazon Should Rename A9 To Alexa

The A9 search engine may want to consider a name change as the Amazon subsidiary starts over with a new chief executive and hopefully some new energy in their search efforts.

Alexa On The Move, Shutters Updates

Brand new co-location facilities await the hardware behind the Alexa updates, and they won’t be online until the end of the week.

Wikipedia Close to Brittanica, Sets Donations Goals

As Wikipedia becomes larger and more widely accepted, now with an Alexa rank in the range of the top 30 websites on the Internet, it’s beginning to have an impact on people’s perception, accuracy, and donations strategies. All of which have been, for the most part, positive.