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Bing Gives Some Lessons On Bing Maps

Google and Bing do things differently. I think we all understand that by now. Their differences apparently extend to how they teach. Google teaches people through their weekly Office Hours Hangouts which gives developers to talk to the people behind the product they use to get real answers. Bing just, well, they put slides on the Internet. Are you feeling …

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Is Googlebot Getting More Human-Like?

Google may be getting better at crawling javascript and Ajax. In a Tumblr post, developer Alex Pankratov wrote this week about spotting an “ajax request issued from document.ready() callback of one website’s pages.” “This means that the bot now executes the Javascript on the pages it crawls,” Pankratov wrote. “The IP of is crawl-66-249-67-106.googlebot.com and the A record is …

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Matt Cutts Talks About How Google Handles Ajax

Google’s Matt Cutts put up a new Webmaster Help video, discussing how Google deals with Ajax. He takes on the following user-submitted question: How effective is Google now at handling content supplied via Ajax, is this likely to improve in the future? “Well, let me take Ajax, which is Asynchronous Javascript, and make it just Javascript for the time being,” …

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