Bing Gives Some Lessons On Bing Maps

Bing Gives Some Lessons On Bing Maps

By Zach Walton May 23, 2012

Google and Bing do things differently. I think we all understand that by now. Their differences apparently extend to how they teach. Google teaches people through their weekly Office Hours Hangouts which gives developers to talk to the people behind …

Google Referral Change Linked to Faster Search Results Experiment

This week, it was announced that Google was making changes to search referral URLs. Basically, where URLs looked like this before:


They will start looking more like this:

SMX East: Handling CSS, Ajax, And SEO

Since most relevant recommendations are presented as and relate to standard English words, it’s not too hard to understand most of the SEO basics.  But stuff relating to CSS and Ajax can get a little confusing, so a session at SMX East tried to focus on a few tips and tricks.

Enabling Google Analytics Site Search

You can now log-in to your Google Analytics account to start enabling the new Site Search feature for a site of yours.

Google Takes AJAX Debugger Out of Beta

Google has long maintained that AJAX is the future (and the now) of the Web, and even refers to the click-and-wait method as "the yesterweb." But for developers, AJAX is a pain, especially when debugging for browser quirks. Those struggling, then, may be happy to know that the Google Web Toolkit is now out of beta with version 1.4.

SES – CSS, AJAX, Web 2.0 & Search Engines
As the web moves into its second generation, sites are making more use of CSS, AJAX and other advanced and interactive design techniques. But how are the largely Web 1.0 search engines reacting to these, from an SEO perspective. This session explores issues and solutions.

Yahoo YSlow Shows Site Slowness

A Firefox add-on called YSlow from Yahoo works with the Firebug plugin to show webmasters the causes of problems with their website’s performance.

Google AJAX Search API Including Image Results
Google AJAX Search API now has image search results reports the Goog

Blogger Gets AJAX API/CSE Search Box
Blogger In Draft has a new page element feature, a search box that uses both the Google AJAX Search API and Google’s Custom Search Engine to deliver a great search experience for your blog.

Google Gears Grind Out Web Apps

Google announced an open source browser extension that enables web applications to run offline.

Web 2.0: Technology To Improve Marketing

Technology has made life easier for all of us, but the best part is it will continue to improve our lives. In an interview with WebProNews at the Web 2.0 Expo, Nitobi CEO Andre Charland spoke with us about his company and their developments.

Silverlight for Opera

Completely missed in all the talk at Mix about Silverlight, Microsoft’s amazing development platform for rich applications, is the news that Silverlight is coming to the excellent Opera browser.

Java’s Weapon to Kill Flash, Ajax, SilverLight

Java has long failed to woo Internet users on the client front-end. Flash was ruling it for years; but with the recent announcement of SilverLight from Microsoft, Sun could no longer stay behind. So, they are trying again with a consumer-flavored Java – JavaFX.

New Features for AJAX
A lot of people have requested that we added AJAX to certain parts of BlogEngine.NET, so we did.

Because of the rule of not using third party components, it is implemented using the build-in client-callback feature with some custom JavaScript. All in all very few lines of code was needed.

The calendar widget to the right on this site is now ajaxified for a more smooth navigation between months. The postback reloaded the page every time you navigated to a new month and that was not very cool. The performance is actually pretty descent I think.

Scaling a Tag Cloud

Like many of you I’m using tag clouds (or related navigation concepts) on a couple of sites, like CoverBrowser.com.

Sometimes I run into the problem of scaling the cloud, when the page is about to get too large and complicated to serve as an overview.

Love Ajax? Hate The Exploits

Bringing certain content-updating behaviors to web pages without reloading them has been a key piece of the ‘Web 2.0′ online application meme; it now appears the criminals could have a way to break them open too.

Quick Ajax Training

TechNet Ajax web casts have a ton of Ajax related training videos that can help out security folks, and developer folks better yet, it’s all free.

If you have never used or taken a TechNet web cast, and if you are interested in Ajax, and what Ajax can do for you, this is a great place to start to get your feet wet. The link is here.