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Keyword Hints Used Now More for AdSense For Domains
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Google announced today that AdSense for Domains is now using optional keyword hints more often. Keyword hints are provided by the user, who enters keywords into a field to assist Google in the targeting of ads for potentially ambiguous domains. Google’s Randy Heath explains:

Google Makes Risky AdSense For Domains Expansion
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Here’s the good news: Google’s found another way to raise some money.  Here’s the bad: its behavior is raising a few eyebrows.  The search engine giant has achieved both these things by extending AdSense for domains to more publishers.

How Do Doorway and Startpages Differ?
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There’ve been some fine lines walked lately by Google’s Webspam team. Not too long ago, it was paid links reporting, and now the line is between startpages and doorway pages. The definitions are quite similar, but Google says it’s all about intent, which makes the argument reminiscent of the art versus indecency squabbles of the past.