BlockBuster U.K. Enters Administration, Again

BlockBuster U.K. Enters Administration, Again

By Sean Patterson October 29, 2013

In January of this year, Blockbuster U.K. announced that it was entering administration, the British version of a bankruptcy filing. The company began closing dozens of its stores and laid off hundreds of employees while getting into shape for a …

HMV Closing?  Electronics Retailer Enters Administration HMV Closing? Electronics Retailer Enters Administration

HMV, the British entertainment retailer, has announced that its discussions with creditors have come to an end and the company will enter administration. Trading of HMV stock has been suspended on the London Stock Exchange. Deloitte partners Nick, Edwards, Neville …

Developer Eurocom Shuts Down in Wake of 007 Legends Failure Developer Eurocom Shuts Down in Wake of 007 Legends Failure

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Following the release of the poorly-reviewed and all-around dismal failure 007 Legends, developer Eurocom has laid off its 42 remaining employees and ceased trading on its stock. An Administrator from Smith Cooper has taken control of the company. Eurocom issued …

Caring For An Online Community

It takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to run an online community?  Well, there’s the money, the site, and the keyboard, but in less tangible terms, a human touch is also recommended (if not required).

Government Agencies Ban Windows Vista

In the past, large organizations have been reluctant to switch over to a new Microsoft operating system due to factors of cost, new training, and the possibility unknown bugs still lurking about in the software. In this case, however, reluctance has given way to outright refusal.

FAA Ponders Switch to Linux, Premier Apps

Growing consumer disappointment with Windows Vista, coupled with the need of major businesses and government agencies to begin assessing long-term computing needs, seems to be forcing IT professionals to consider non-Microsoft alternatives for their operating system and office suite applications.

EDM and IT Operations

I saw an interesting article on DM Direct (DM Review‘s email newsletter) today – Leveraging Decision Automation in Database Administration.

MySQL Administration via ColdFusion

A user asked me if it was possible to backup and restore a MySQL database from ColdFusion.

GNOME Released With New Search

Version 2.14 of GNOME’s desktop for Linux or UNIX systems contains a new integration of a desktop search bar that can search the local machine or several search engines online.

Collective of Modern Concepts to Better Understand your Business Administration
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CRM – Effective CRM initiatives always utilize enterprise software as an integral part of a successful strategy.

Avocent Acquires Sonic Mobility for Secure Wireless Systems Administration

Avocent Corporation announced that it acquired Sonic Mobility, a privately-held company located in Calgary, Canada.

Your Administration TeamLook After Them

In most organisations the administration/support team, although they can be acknowledged as being important to the business, they are treated as if they’re not.

Python in Systems Administration: Part I — Better Scripting

One well-honed item in every sys admin’s toolbox is a preferred scripting language — maybe sh, or ksh, or Perl, or something more unusual, like Rexx or Ruby. I find Python so capable and easy to learn that in my consulting role at Phaseit, I tell newcomers it’s the best single language they can learn. Python spans a wider range of applications than any other language I know — even more than C or Java — and beginners pick it up quickly.

Security Administration with Debian GNU/Linux

Debian has a package manager (DPKG) that resolves dependency problems automatically. It help us to automatically keep up to date programs looking for new versions on the internet, resolving and completing the files and libraries dependencies which a package requires, making system administration easy and keeping us up to date with the new security changes. It also shows some important and substantial security features: it doesn’t have commercial goals, also doesn’t obey mercantile urgencies, It has a good pursuit of errors, problems are fixed in less than 48 hours and it’s priority is to develop a complete and reliable operating system.