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Does Google Offer Too Many Ad Formats?

The Wall Street Journal is running a piece discussing how tech companies (like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Groupon, etc.) are touting new online ad formats. Author Jessica E. Vascellaro has some quotes from Google CEO Eric Schmidt about some things the company is thinking about within this realm.

For one, according to this piece, Schmidt says Google is looking at addressing an apparently popular concern from advertisers – that there are too many ad formats to choose from.

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Has YouTube Found the Right Ad Solution?

YouTube has begun testing a new kind of ad format on some of its videos – skippable pre-rolls. These ads let users choose whether or not they want to watch the ad as it appears at the beginning of a video.

YouTube says that when it first began testing in-stream ads a couple years ago, abandonment rates on videos were as high as 70%. They found that users were much more likely to view and engage with overlay ads.

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The Cost Of A Video Ad On YouTube

$175,000 per day, says Forbes in July, with an additional $50,000 that need to be spent on Google/ YouTube ads. (New ad formats may come up too, Silicon Alley Insider reports.)

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