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Twitter: Accounts Were Compromised, but We Also Accidentally Reset Password Twitter: Accounts Were Compromised, but We Also Accidentally Reset Password
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Earlier today, Twitter users began to report an interesting situation on (where else) Twitter. They claimed that they had received an email from Twitter that said their accounts had been compromised, and that their passwords had been reset. The email …

Amazon Embraces Facebook Recommendation Feature

Twitter Has Evil Pop-Up That Could Hack Your Account

If you ever see a Twitter pop-up message that looks like the following:

RUN! Close down your browser, turn off your computer, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200!

Twitter Rolling Out Commercial Accounts

Since Twitter is getting itself back in the industry news with trademark travesties, DDoS attacks and some sideways competitive compliments it makes sense that the conversation turn to the R word: revenue.”"

Buttons Being Used To Verify Certain Twitter Accounts

In the wake of the run-in with St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa last week Twitter has officially launched its verified accounts beta. The service was mentioned over the weekend in Biz Stone’s blog post that made it known that Twitter would bow to no one on legal concerns that they viewed as frivolous.

Tony LaRussa Taking Twitter To Court Over Fake Account

It was only a matter of time before the lawyers jump on the Twitter Express. While might suspect that some big Hollywood celeb would be the one concerned with having their image “abducted” on Twitter it instead goes to a veteran Major League Baseball manager, Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Some of the coverage of this event portrays LaRussa as a guy with no sense of humor.

GMail Makes It Easier To Sign Up


Evil Twitter Clones

twitterPerhaps it’s a sign that the site is reaching more mainstream popularity levels, but Twitter is fast becoming a haven for spammers. Accounts include semi-naked girls with just one link to an affiliate site to brands that use the service for nothing more sending direct messages to other users with a sales link.