Is Google More Focused On Penalties Or Positive Features?

Is Google More Focused On Penalties Or Positive Features?

By Chris Crum March 27, 2014

While it’s nothing new, a lot of webmasters are frustrated with Google for penalties their sites have received. The recent attack on guest blog posts has sparked a whole new round of outcries. Google says, however, that it tries to …

FAQ Pages Could Boost Your Google Rankings

In a recent report, Hitwise said that the length of search queries has increased over the past year. Longer search queries, averaging searches of 5+ words in length, have increased 10% from January ’08 to January ’09 they noted.

Ask has an interesting blog post up interpreting this data, and the gist of it is summed up with this paragraph from it:

Changes and Significance in Search: Looking Back on 2008

I initially intended to piece together a retrospective article about the happenings in the search industry and SEO from throughout the year, based on our coverage of it., much like what I did with online video and online music. I quickly realized this would be a monumental task given that something like 90% of what we cover is search or SEO related.

PubCon: Aaron Wall Talks Link Buying Without Getting in Trouble

Aaron Wall knows a thing or two about SEO. He’s been in this game as long as I can remember. He’s the brains behind the hugely popular SEOBook. When he talks about ways of getting links, people looking to increase their search engine rankings should pay attention.

Our own Mike McDonald scored an interview with him out in Las Vegas while attending the PubCon conference. Video of that can be seen below.

Top Search Engine Marketing Tools

The number of internet marketing tools launched over the past couple years has been staggering. Many of them are both free and highly valuable. SEO, which was once considered a bit of a seedy niche, has grown with search to become a mainstream marketing practice, with…

Google’s Favoritism Makes Knoll SEO Magnet

Author and search optimization expert Aaron Wall headed to Google’s Knol, as did many SEO professionals, to create a page. He doesn’t sound happy about what he found.

Speculation About a New Google Filter

Aaron Wall put up a post about a new Google filter that causes people with high ranking terms to be bumped down to position #6. There is also a thread at Webmaster World about this phenomenon. This is still reasonably speculative in nature, but there are a lot of people who have seen this.

The Paid Link Stages Of Grief
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Let the bargaining begin. It’s a natural stage of mourning. As Google shuffles loose the paid links from its algorithms, SEOs are cycling past their initial denial, their outrage, and have begun negotiating. Stay tuned; depression and acceptance are likely to follow.

Wall and Cutts Talk Things Over
Matt Cutts recently offered a public voting for my lynching, but we just talked things over, and there will be no lynching – at least not yet. I think Matt is a great guy, but his job is tough as a public face of THE company dominating the web.

Wall: Cutts “Blindlingly Hypocritical” About Google
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Not much love in the SEO blogosphere today, as Aaron Wall slams the most accessible member of the Googleplex over Google’s alleged treatment of SEO as spam.

Long Haul To The Top of Google
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Alright, you’ve got your bright idea and your website and you’re ready to roll. Now all you need is a first page Google ranking. Easy enough, right? Well, maybe if you’re selling fish sweaters, otherwise, there’s a lot of people with quite the head start.

Are Big Brands Stealing (Buying) the SERPS?
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For a long time, search engine marketers wondered why the big brands were so slow to adopt, why they seemed to be ignoring Google. They may be wishing for the old days, when smaller players with smaller budgets had a better shot at the SERPs.

A Nifty Keyword Cleaning Tool
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Managing keywords is a daunting task, and while there are a
number of places from which you can pull keyword lists, whittling that list
down to specific targets of value is often nonplussing and discouraging.

Luckily, there are some philanthropic souls out there
willing to help out. Recently, Aaron Wall, author of SEObook.com, created and
made available a “Keyword List Cleaner Tool” that helps organize
those vision-blurring lists.

Google Ranking Flux Probably Just A Hiccup

Everybody stay calm. Go on with your usual SEO business. What looked like a President’s Day weekend Google algorithm update was most like a tiny ripple in cyberspace.

A handful of bloggers were asking "did you see that?" referring to a sudden, and brief, fluctuation in keyword positioning in the Google search results. SEObook’s Aaron Wall begins the discussion:

Links And Content Need Each Other, For Now

I can’t help but think this is a silly discussion, like an argument about whether or not Lois Lane could really have Superman’s baby, but I’m diving in anyway to wrap my head around it and, in the process, take you with me.


Reports are surfacing throughout the blogosphere concerning the ever-growing recesses of Google’s supplemental results. Now more than ever, sites that were once highly ranked in the main index are beginning to find themselves in the confines of the supplemental index.

Some have likened Google’s supplemental index to a virtual refuse pile, an online prison where all sorts of outdated web content are doomed to a fate of obscurity for all time.