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Amazon Mobile App Developers Now Have Access To Analytics, A/B Testing

Despite building Fire OS on top of Android, Amazon wants developers to choose its platform over Android or iOS when building apps. Over the last year, it’s become easier to recommend the platform as Amazon has leveraged the power of AWS to offer a number of services to developers that are typically hard to implement on their own. Amazon announced …

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Amazon Now Provides Free A/B Testing To Mobile App Developers

The Amazon Appstore is booming, and Kindle Fires are an even bigger hit this holiday season. Developers will want to jump on board to get some of the sweet revenue from the still growing Kindle market. Not to mention, Amazon provides some excellent tools for those who develop for its platforms and distribution channels. Amazon announced today that developers who …

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Clutch.io Refugees Can Find Solace In Convert.com

Back in August, Twitter announced that they had acquired Clutch.io. It was one of the many “acquihires” that happen in the tech industry where Twitter was more interested in the talent instead of the product. As such, Twitter is ditching the Clutch.io platform and all support for it on November 1. Thankfully, they released the source code so developers could …

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Content Experiments in Google Analytics Replace Google Website Optimizer

Google announced the launch of Content Experiments in Google Analytics, as a way for webmasters to test different versions of pages to see which ones convert the best. It is replacing Google Website Optimizer, as it carries out much of the same functionality. “Over the last 5 years, it’s been great to see how many marketers and publishers have improved …

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